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Public Health Service District

Despite its tongue-twisting name, the Public Health Service District is a welcoming gateway to the Presidio with much to offer the curious visitor.

The campus traces its roots to the late 19th century, when San Francisco was an untamed port city welcoming explores and fortune-seekers. Ailing sailors from around the globe who arrived on these shores received free care at the U.S. Marine Hospital, located in the southern Presidio between Lobos Creek Valley and Mountain Lake.

Today, the charming campus has undergone an award-winning revitalization as a “green neighborhood.” People live here and cultural and educational organizations thrive, including Arion Press, the nation’s leading publisher of fine-press books. The Public Health Service District is also an increasingly popular entry point to the trail network, offering easy access to the wildest parts of the park.


A black and white photo of surgeons and nurses gathered around a patient on an operating table in 1924 at the Public Health Service Hospital.

Service + Healing

For more than a century, hospitals on this site provided free medical care to merchant seamen from around the world. Read More >>

Award-Winning "Green" Revitalization

A photo of several people and a dog standing on the exterior steps of the Presidio Landmark building.

Restoring History, Sustainably

Today’s visitors experience the entire district as a “green” neighborhood with homes, office space, a pre-school, an historic printing press, trails, scenic overlooks, and 25 acres of open space and native habitat. Read More >>

See, Do, Explore

A photo of two women sitting on a bench overlooking Mountain Lake.

Gateway to the South Hills

Four major trails offer easy access to the wildest parts of the Presidio.
A photo of the Marine Cemetery Vista with restored sand dune habitat in the background.

Marine Cemetery Vista

Sailors from 43 nations are far from home but not forgotten.
A photo of three people looking at a series of books.

Arion Press

Arion Press is a working museum of the book arts with gallery and demonstration tours.
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