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Group Service Projects

​Volunteering with a group brings a team closer together and builds community spirit. The Presidio offers volunteer opportunities for corporate groups, community organizations, youth groups, and school groups. Bring your team and help the Presidio get big projects done!

Projects are typically three hours for adult groups and two hours for youth and school groups, but this can vary depending on the interest of the group. For large groups, multiple projects in a centralized location can be arranged.

Scheduling a Project

Send an email to and our Presidio Trust Volunteer Coordinator will get back to you with the details for getting started.


Opportunities vary depending on park needs and the time of year. Typical projects include:

Habitat Restoration: Restore the Presidio’s natural areas, create wildlife corridors, and protect threatened and endangered species. Activities include invasive plant removal during the summer dry season and planting during the winter rainy season.

Garden and Landscape Care: Take care of the Presidio’s gardens, designed landscaped areas, and historic landscape features. Activities include weeding, mulching, planting, and general site cleanup.

Forest and Tree Care: Nurture young trees in the Presidio’s reforestation areas. Activities include pulling weeds and spreading mulch around trees, adjusting irrigation lines, re-staking trees, and general site cleanup.

Trail Maintenance: Maintain the Presidio’s world-class trail system. Activities include trimming overgrown vegetation, clearing trail drainage systems, and weeding, planting, and mulching in trailside landscape beds.