Presidio Like a Pro

​​As we continue to look to our parks as a place to get outside and experience nature, it’s more important than ever that we recreate safely and give each other space. Here are nine ways to “Presidio like a Pro.”

  1. If You’re Sick, Stay Home
    If you’re ill, rest at home.
  2. Share the Space
    Stay aware of others, especially when wearing headphones. Choose less busy trails (see Presidio Slow Streets) and visit during off-peak times.
  3. Follow SF City Guidelines for Face Coverings
    Though not required, you're strongly urged to wear a mask when indoors. And you must waer a mask wherever a business, venue operator, or host chooses to require everyone to wear masks. People may choose to wear masks, even when they are not required. See SF City Guidelines for more information.
  4. ​​Use Alternative Forms of Transportation
  5. Parking is limited in the Presidio; check out our Park Updates ​before visiting the park, and bike, walk, or take alternative forms of transportation when possible.
  6. Slow your Roll
    When biking or running, keep your speed under control and gently make sure others are aware you’re approaching.
  7. Pack Out Trash
    Always carry out your trash.
  8. Watch for Signs + Closures
    Follow signage direction and avoid closed areas.
  9. Protect the Park
    Leave the park as you found it, and avoid anything that might cause lasting damage, like placing stakes in the lawns.
  10. Recreate Responsibly
    Follow the National Parks Services Recreate Responsibly suggestions for safely enjoying our parks and share your experiences with #RecreateResponsibly.