Bay Wheels Electric Bikes FAQ

​​​​​​​​​Which bike and scooter share companies operate in the Presidio?
Bay Wheels is the only bike share system with a permit to operate in the Presidio. While there aren’t any docking stations at the moment, docking stations are planned for the future and will expand the network of classic Bay Wheels bikes into the Presidio. For information about Bay Wheels and electric bike use, visit Lyft’s Bay Wheels website. You can also rent electric bikes at Sports Basement in the Presidio, 610 Old Mason Street.

How do I use an e-bike share?
Start by downloading the Lyft or Bay Wheels app on your smartphone. Tap the bike icon to select a bike or a station near you. Then, using your phone’s camera, scan the QR code on the rear fender to unlock. To end your ride, place your e-bike in any Bay Wheels station dock or use the cable to lock to any bike rack within the service area.

Use the Bay Wheels system map to find stations near your home and review the system area. Some areas in the Presidio are no park zones, like the Presidio Golf Course and Letterman Digital Arts Center.

How much does it cost to use e-bike share?
Below are the prices for non-members. If you purchase a Bay Wheels membership, you can receive discounted or even free rides.

​Cost per minute during the included ride time$0.20 per minute
Cost per each additional 15 minutes$3
​Parking at Presidio bike racks$0
​Parking at bike racks in San Francisco$2
​Parking at Bay Wheels bike stations in San Francisco$0

Example: You live in the Outer Richmond and it’s a 20-minute bike ride to to the park. You pick up a bike at a station near your home and park it at a bike rack at the Presidio Visitor Center. Your total comes to $7 ($4 of ride time and $3 for the time over 15 minutes).

Example 2: You miss the Presidio GO shuttle and need to get to the Caltrain station from Baker Beach in the Presidio. You pick up a bike near Baker Beach and ride the 35 minutes to Caltrain. You quickly lock your bike to a bike rack at Caltrain instead of finding one of the bike share stations. Your total comes to $15 ($7 ride time, $6 for each additional 15 minutes and $2 for parking at rack instead of a station).

Are there discounts for low income users?
Low income riders may qualify for the Bike Share for All program, which provides an e-bike discount of $0.05/minute, with a cap of $1, for a $5 signup fee. Learn more >>

How does e-bike share work?
E-bikes feature e-assist to provide a boost every time you pedal. The harder you pedal, the more motorized assistance (up to 20 mph) you’ll receive.

What is a dockless bike?
Dockless systems do not require a docking station; instead, bicycles may be parked within a defined area. Dockless bikes can be located and unlocked using a smartphone app. They have an integrated lock that requires riders to lock bikes to existing bike racks.

Where can I park an e-bike in the Presidio?
E-bikes must be parked at an official bike rack. There are 250 bike racks in the park. Bicyclists may not leave bicycles on their sides on the sidewalk or park bicycles in a manner which obstructs pedestrians.

Can I use an e-bike on a trail?
E-bikes are considered motorized vehicles, which are not currently allowed on Presidio trails, including paved trails.

Is all of the Presidio within the e-bike share service area?
Areas of the Presidio managed by the National Park Service are not currently in the e-bike service area. While you may use the bike outside of the service area, you must lock it within a service area or you’ll be charged $25 fee. See this map of bike rack locations in the park.

Am I required to wear a helmet?
Per the California vehicle code, bicyclists and bicycle passengers under age 18 must wear an approved helmet when riding on a bicycle.

Are children allowed to use the e-bikes?
Riders must be 18 years old or above.

Additional FAQ’s specific to using Bay Wheels bikes >>