Tennessee Hollow Trail

Length 1.5 miles - (2.4 ) kilometers
Challenge Level Easy
Use Type Pedestrian only
Estimated Biking Time (minutes) No Bikes
Estimated Calories Burned Female: 128
Male: 151
Estimated Walking Time (minutes) 28
Presidio Trail -

​​The Tennessee Hollow Trail is alive with nature. This 1.5-mile path journeys through the 270-acre Tennessee Hollow Watershed north-south from the Presidio Wall Playground to Crissy Marsh and East Beach. The area features residential neighborhoods, native habitats, forest groves, playing fields, public art, and historic treasures.

The watershed is now being revitalized, and a walk here will let you witness nature rebounding as a result of restoration in action. Accordingly, some sections of trail are still awaiting completion, so keep your eyes open for signage and detours.


If you enter the trail at the south end near Presidio Wall Playground, you'll find a breathtaking view of the gorgeous valley below. Your first stop will be El Polín Spring, accessible via a very short connecting pathway. This area was restored in 2011. You'll see plenty of wildflowers, hummingbirds, and butterflies at this pretty oasis, and also the historic remnants of one of San Francisco's first residential neighborhoods, dating from the early 1800s. Legendary healer and businesswoman Juana Briones lived here as a young girl.

Where the Tennessee Hollow Trail intersects with Lovers' Lane, you'll find MacArthur Meadow, where all three streams in the watershed come together. This area was restored in 2017. Further north is the YMCA Reach, a riparian corridor and seasonal freshwater wetland.

Then, just past Lincoln Boulevard you'll come upon Wayburn Redwood Grove and Thompson Reach, where in 2006 a former Army landfill was transformed into a creek and riparian habitat. It's a butterfly "hot spot."

From there, you'll can continue on to the Quartermaster Reach Marsh, where all the water from the Tennessee Hollow Watershed eventually runs into Crissy Marsh and San Francisco Bay. East Beach is just across the street.

Helpful Hints

Restrooms are available at Presidio Wall Playground, El Polín Spring, and East Beach. The MUNI 30 bus makes a stop on Mason Street near Quartermaster Reach Marsh.​