Lovers' Lane Trail

Length 0.6 miles - (1.0 ) kilometers
Challenge Level Easy to moderate
Use Type Pedestrian only
Grade Average grade is 9%
Maximum grade is 21%
Cross Slope Average cross slope is 1%
Maximum cross slope is 3%
Tread Width Average tread width is 5 feet
Minimum width is 3 feet
Trail Surface The trail surface is paved and boardwalk
Estimated Biking Time (minutes) No Bikes
Estimated Calories Burned Female: 137
Male: 162
Estimated Walking Time (minutes) 30
Presidio Trail -

The Presidio is for lovers! Nature lovers, outdoor lovers, art lovers, and history lovers will find something to gush about on Lovers’ Lane, an enchanting trail that connects the Presidio Gate to the Main Post.

The oldest footpath through the Presidio, Lovers’ Lane was established in the 18th century as a shortcut used by Spanish soldiers and missionaries to get from the Main Post to Mission Dolores, located three miles south of the Presidio. Today, you’ll most likely find joggers, birdwatchers, and daydreamers ambling along this shady, picturesque path.

If you begin your journey at the south end, keep your eyes out for Wood Line, an art installation by Andy Goldsworthy located in the eucalyptus forest just east of the trail. This sculpture is made up of felled tree trunks laid end-to-end to create a zigzagging installation that you can even stroll on top of – it’s a literal art walk!

As you journey downhill to the north, look west to see quaint historic homes in the valley below. Further along, you’ll eventually cross a charming footbridge built in 1885.

Helpful hint: End your journey at the Presidio Officers’ Club, where you can grab a bite to eat at Arguello Restaurant and enjoy the history exhibits.