Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail

Length 2.7 miles - (4.3 ) kilometers
Challenge Level Easy to moderate
Use Type Multiuse (pedestrians and cyclists); Pedestrian only in sections
Estimated Biking Time (minutes) 16
Estimated Calories Burned Female: 247
Male: 292
Estimated Walking Time (minutes) 54
Type of Bike Route Combination of Multiuse Trail, In Road Bike Lanes, and Bike/Car Shared Lanes
Presidio Trail -

The Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail commemorates the 1776 journey Spanish military commander de Anza led from Sonora, Mexico to the Golden Gate, where colonial settlers first established the Presidio as a military post.

The Presidio section of the Anza Trail was the first established overland route to San Francisco Bay. In fact, you can begin your hike at Mountain Lake, where members of Anza’s expedition first camped centuries ago. From here, your journey will provide access to some of the Presidio’s most beautiful natural areas and many historic attractions, including the World War II Memorial to the Missing and historic gun batteries.

The Anza Trail has a total of four designated scenic viewing areas dotting its path – the Lobos Valley Overlook, Pacific Overlook, Golden Gate Overlook, and Immigrant Point Overlook. Be sure to take advantage of these resting points for breathtaking views.

Helpful hint: Restrooms are located at Mountain Lake Park and at the Golden Gate Bridge. The Immigrant Point Overlook picnic area (just across Lincoln Boulevard from the overlook) is a great place to pause if you packed snacks.