Ecology Trail

Length 1.4 miles - (2.3 ) kilometers
Challenge Level Easy to moderate
Use Type Pedestrian on upper trail; Multiuse (pedestrians and cyclists) on lower trail

Nature lovers will get the most bang for their buck on the Ecology Trail, a short pathway that connects Arguello Gate to the Presidio's Main Post.

As its name suggests, in a little over a mile visitors will enjoy a diverse sampling of distinctly different habitats. For example, this route passes through lush restored serpentine grasslands where, from spring to early summer, you may see the endangered Presidio Clarkia and other native wildflowers in bloom. You'll also find yourself amid towering redwoods (the largest grove in the park), oaks, eucalyptus, Monterey pine, and Monterey cypress.

The Ecology Trail lies within the Presidio's largest watershed, the fertile Tennessee Hollow, and naturalists will want to take the connecting trail to El Polín Spring, a wildlife hotspot, where hummingbirds and butterflies dance.

In addition to the fauna and flora, the Ecology Trail also boasts access to arguably the best viewing area in the Presidio (it's hard to choose – there are so many!): Inspiration Point Overlook. Here, you'll get an eyeful of the bay, Alcatraz (or "The Rock"), Angel Island, and Andy Goldsworthy's imposing Spire sculpture to the west. Since the Ecology Trail isn't very long, it's a great option for those who have limited time in the Presidio but want maximum exposure to nature.

Helpful hint: Restrooms are located Presidio Golf Course and at the Presidio Officers' Club.

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