Batteries to Bluffs Trail

Length 0.7 miles - (1.1 ) kilometers
Challenge Level Moderate to difficult
Use Type Pedestrian only; No dogs permitted
Estimated Biking Time (minutes) No Bikes
Estimated Calories Burned Female: 64
Male: 76
Estimated Walking Time (minutes) 14
Presidio Trail -

If you’re the type who enjoys their hiking with a side of expansive ocean views, you’ll be thoroughly invigorated by the Batteries to Bluffs Trail, a short but majestic route that snakes along the Presidio’s wild western shoreline.

Batteries to Bluffs begins on a high note – quite literally. The two trailheads at Lincoln Boulevard offer an elevated view of the Pacific Ocean horizon, with the Golden Gate Bridge and Marin Headlands to the northwest, and the dramatic bluffs tumbling to the rocky shore below.

While the scenery around the trail is exceptional – if you’re lucky, you may even see dolphins riding the crest of a wave – pay attention to what’s right next to you. Depending on the season, the path comes alive with native dune plants and wildflowers. Butterflies and birds cluster around to enjoy this bounty of bright flora. Batteries to Bluffs crisscrosses trickling seeps and hidden springs along the way to Battery Crosby, a historic gun battery you can explore to your heart’s content.

The Batteries to Bluffs trail offers the option to descend a blue-green serpentine hillside that connects to tranquil Marshall’s Beach. Ultimately, it connects back to the California Coastal Trail at each end.

We highly recommend taking a sunset hike for the ultimate experience, but even on a foggy day, this trail makes for a memorable journey.

Helpful hint: The closest restrooms are located at the Fort Scott Ballfield, near the intersection of Lincoln Boulevard and Storey Avenue.