Presidio Officers' Club Guidelines

​​​Teachers- Welcome to the Presidio Officers' Club!


We ask that you read these guidelines before your visit and set clear rules and expectations with your students prior to your visit. 

Things to know and do before your visit

  • ​Please inform us at least two weeks PRIOR to your planned visit, so education staff can check the schedule, add your group to the Officers' Club calendar, and be prepared for your visit. This will ensure access for you and your students and eliminate any conflicts or unnecessary delays during your visit.
  • ​We recommend one adult chaperone for every 10 students.
  • No more than 36 students are allowed inside the Heritage Gallery at one time.
  • Priority of the Heritage Gallery will be given to teachers who have already registered for a guided field trip or tour.
  • Upon request and availability, an educator can greet your class and provide a 15 minute welcome and overview of the Presidio Officers' Club.

General Guidelines for the Presidio Officers' Club

  • Teachers need to accompany their students at all times and are responsible for their conduct and behavior.
  • No food/drink is allowed inside the Heritage Gallery or Mesa Room.
  • We recommend whole classes or large groups use the restrooms at once with chaperones.  Students should be escorted to the restroom. The restroom facilities are spacious and can accommodate large groups. 
  • No running is allowed inside the building.
  • Photography is allowed throughout the Presidio Officers' Club.
  • Please silence all phones or put them on airplane mode during your visit.
  • No pets are allowed inside the Presidio Officers' Club.
  • For safety, please do not allow children to sit on the cannons.
  • Personal belongings need to be attended to at all times.  With advance arrangement, we may be able to provide a secured location for student/teacher belongings.
  • Please tell students to use their "inside voice" and be respectful of other guests while visiting the Officers' Club.

The Presidio Officers' Club Heritage Gallery

Information and Guidelines

  • Stories within the main gallery are organ​ized into 7 chronological eras- beginning with Ohlone (prior to European contact), ending with the present day Pr​esidio.
  • A small theater (seats 10-15) provides an intimate interview style film (17 min) of the Presidio through different perspectives, which can enhance learning for MS/HS students. Do not allow students to remain in the space without regard to other visitors.
  • The current special exhibit features: EXCLUSION​​
  • Photography is allowed.
  • No food or drink inside the gallery.
  • Pencils can be used inside the gallery; please no pens.
  • Glass cases should not be leaned on or used as a surface to write upon.
  • Touch items are available; please encourage students to engage with them respectfully.  If you notice an object is missing or broken, please alert the staff or docent on duty.  
  • Please do not allow students to sit on the saddle or on the cannon.
  • Like a museum, the gallery is a place for learning, observing and exploration; it is not a place to play or run.
  • Feedback- If you would like your students to participate in the interactive kiosk survey or complete a student card, please monitor to ensure thoughtful feedback is provided.