Excavate History (Grade 4)

​​Excavate History uses archaeology to look at the arrival of the Spanish colonists to San Francisco and the interactions between them and the Ohlone people. Through a series of hands-on activities, students investigate how the Ohlone people and Spanish colonists changed the natural and cultural landscape of the area. In small groups, students rotate through three stations:

  1. Making Adobe Bricks – Students learn how Spanish colonists built their houses.
  2. Interpret El Presidio – Students examine an historic map and analyze archaeological assemblages found in the Presidio to make interpretations about the past.
  3. ​Presidio Archaeology Lab Tour –Students get a sneak peek inside a working archaeology lab and get to examine real Spanish and Ohlone artifacts uncovered at the Presidio.

​​Because our programs are provided at no cost, we prioritize applications from high needs schools using data from CALPADS.​​