Presidio Field Trip FAQs

​​General Information about the Presidio

Is there a fee to visit the Presidio?​

There is no entrance fee to visit the Presidio, an​d there are many places to visit within the Presidio that are free including the Presidio Officers' Club, the Presidio Visitor CenterFort Point National Historic Site, and many others.

How do we get to the Presidio?

Learn about how to get to and around the Presidio >>​

Learn about the free PresidiGo Shuttle >>​ 

Where do we park?

There are parking lots throughout the Presidio. Generally parking costs $2.00/hour or $10 for all day. The parking machines only accept credit/debit cards. Learn more about parking >>​. If your program is scheduled to begin at the Presidio Officers’ Club, there is a large parking lot located directly across the street.

​Do you offer free transportation?

We have limited funds to provide buses for schools in need of transportation; high needs schools (according to CALPADS) get priority. Buses for our school programs are reserved and scheduled in advance during the fall of each school year. We encourage you to work with your district to secure transportation and/or use public transportation when available.

Where do school buses drop off/pick up?

If you are attending a guided educational program, the drop off/pick up locations vary by program. Education staff will contact you to confirm these details. For those attending a self-guided visit to the Presidio Officers' Club, school buses can drop off and pick up directly in front of the building. View a map of where school buses can park >>

What can I do with my class in the Presidio?

Trails: Take your class on a walk to explore the nature and history of the Presidio. The Presidio has 24 miles of trails to explore. Learn more about Presidio trails >>

Educational Programs: There are a variety of rich educational experiences in the Presidio. Some are guided, others are self-guided:

Cultural Destinations: There are several cultural destinations in the Presidio. We recommend the following:

Beach Day: At Crissy Field, East Beach is a great place to play in the sand and bird watch. The MUNI 29 drops off just near Baker Beach, which also has a great picnic area and a large sandy beach.

Art in the Park: The Presidio is home to four pieces of art by world-renowned artist, Andy Goldsworthy. You can take your class to visit Spire and Wood Line in the Southern Wilds or Earth Wall and Tree Fall in the Main Post. If you are interested in taking your class to see all four, download the Goldsworthy in the Presidio Brochure which has a suggested hiking route and additional information about the art.

Where are restrooms located in the Presidio?

Where can we eat lunch with our class in the Presidio?

 Here are some of our favorite picnic spots:

Visits to the Presidio Officers' Club

What is the Presidio Officers' Club?

The Presidio Officers' Club is the park's museum and cultural center. It is located in the heart of the Presidio and is a great place for teachers and studen​ts to get oriented. Learn more about the Presidio Officers' Club ​>>

When is the Presidio Officers' Club open?

The Presidio Officers' Club is open Tuesdays to Sundays from 10 am to 5pm. It is closed on Mondays and federal holidays. If you plan to visit, please register your class in order to get priority to enter the Heritage Gallery, which has space limitations. Learn more about self-guided visits >>

How much does the Presidio Officers' Club cost?

There is no fee to enjoy the Presidio Officers' Club.

What can we do at the Presidio Officers' Club?

Your students can enjoy the permanent and special exhibitions located in the Heritage Gallery, Moraga Hall, and the Mesa Room. There is also an active archaeology dig on select days from April through October and an archaeology lab with drop in hours. Learn more about the Presidio Officers' Club exhibitions ​>>

How many students can be in the Presidio Officers' Club at once?

The Presidio Officers' Club is a popular destination for the general public, and we recommend a maximum of TWO classes inside the building at any time.

How many students can be in the Heritage Gallery at once?

A maximum of 36 students is allowed in the Heritage Gallery at one time due to the limited space. Priority is given to classes with scheduled school programs.

May we take photographs or touch anything in the Heritage Gallery?

You can take photos if you refrain from using flash to protect the artifacts and images. There are many items that can be touched in the gallery. Any artifacts that are not behind glass are touchable. Please do not allow students to write upon or lean on the glass display cases. 

How long can we stay in the Presidio Officers' Club?

There is no time limit for a visit to the Presidio Officers' Club. Teachers usually allow 45 minutes to one hour for a visit. There is a maximum capacity in the Heritage Gallery and scheduled groups have priority. If a class does not have a reservation and there are no scheduled groups using the gallery, the class will be granted entry on a first come, first serve basis.

Is food allowed in the Heritage Gallery?

Food is allowed in the Presidio Officers' Club, but not inside the Heritage Gallery.

Is there a gift shop in the Presidio Officers' Club?

We do not have a gift shop in the Presidio Officers' Club. We recommend the Presidio Visitor Center just a short walk away. There are also retail shops in the Warming Hut at Crissy Field and at the Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center.

Where can my class eat lunch?

If the weather is nice, we recommend utilizing the picnic tables across from the Presidio Officers' Club in Pershing Square. If it is raining or weather is bad, students may eat in Moraga Hall inside the Presidio Officers' Club. All are welcome to this shared public space. We ask that students respect the space and other visitors sharing the space with them and that you make sure to clean up after yourselves.

Can I come and see the Presidio Officers' Club before bringing my class?

We highly encourage you to visit the Presidio Officers' Club prior to bringing your class so that you know what to expect when you arrive and how to make the most of your visit.

Is there an age requirement for students visiting the Presidio Officers' Club?

There is not an age requirement to visit the Presidio Officers' Club. The content is aimed at a middle school level and higher, but there are many engaging elements that are appealing for pre-school and elementary aged students.​

Where can we store our belongings?

If space is available and arrangements are made with the education team PRIOR to your visit, we can store student belongings in one of our classrooms.

Do you h​ave restrooms?

Yes, there are ample restrooms inside the Presidio Officers' Club.

Do you have any behavior expectations for the Presidio Officers' Club?

The Presidio Officers' Club is an historic space with many sensitive objects. We ask that students be mindful of the space, each other, and others sharing the space with them. Please set expectations prior to entering and enforce them throughout your visit. View the Presidio Officers' Club guidelines >> 

Is the building wheelchair accessible?

Yes, there is an automatic door and an elevator located in the rear of the building.

How much time should we allow for our visit?

If you are just dropping by the gallery, 30-40 minutes is a suitable amount of time.

What kind of educational programs does the Presidio Officers' Club offer?

The Presidio Officers' Club offers guided, curriculum based educational programs. Learn more about our programs and the application process >>. We are also in the process of developing educational resources to support self-guided tours.

Do we need a reservation to visit the archaeology lab inside the Presidio Officers' Club with a class?

Yes. There are public tours every Wednesday at 1 pm, but if you would like to bring your class, please email us at two weeks prior to your visit so we can make proper arrangements.

Do you have guided tours for students?

Not at this time. There may be a docent scheduled in the Presidio Officers' Club the day of your visit and you are welcome to ask the docent questions regarding the content in the gallery, however there is not a docent tour for school groups at this time.

​Can my students visit the Presidio Officers' Club on the weekend?

Yes. There are a variety of programs and events that happen on the weekends. Click here to see the Presidio Officers' Club event calendar. If you are coming as a group, please make a reservation so that we know your class is coming.

What else can we do near the Presidio Officers' Club?

If your class is interested in taking a hike, the Ecology Trail is just a three-minute walk from the Presidio Officers' Club. It is an easy to moderate hike and is a little over a half-mile to reach Inspiration Point that has sweeping views of San Francisco Bay. From there, you can continue on to Julius Kahn Playground. If you are looking for other cultural institutions to take your students, the Society of California Pioneers (free) and Walt Disney Family Museum (fee based) are a five minute walk from the Presidio Officers' Club. With both of these museums, we recommend contacting them IN ADVANCE to ensure they can accommodate your class. With prior arrangement, your students can also visit our Archaeology Lab, an active research center where the Presidio's artifacts are identified, analyzed, and curated.

School Field Trips

Who qualifies for a school field trip?

Any school can apply for one of our field trips. Because our programs are free, priority is given to high needs schools, according to CALPADS. Anyone who does not receive a space is put on a waitlist and notified if there is a cancellation.

How do we register for a school field trip?

We begin accepting applications on May 1 for the following school year and close the registration process on August 31. After applications are processed, teachers are notified of placement in September. Teachers can apply for field trips online here starting on May 1.

What if I need to cancel my visit?

Please notify us as soon as possible if you need to cancel your field trip so that we can secure another class from the waitlist. Due to capacity issues, we may not be able to reschedule your class.

What happens if our group is late?

For guided tours or field trips, we ask that you contact us if you think your class is going to be late. The day of contact for the program will be sent to you in a pre-visit email. Depending on the arrival time, we may need to modify the program in order for it to be completed by the scheduled end time. If your class is 45 minutes late, we may have to cancel the program.

What do I need to know before our class visit?

For guided tours and field trips, information will be sent in a pre-visit email about a month before your visit.

What is your chaperone policy?

For all programs, we ask for a chaperone ratio of one chaperone for every 10 students.

What do you recommend we bring?

We recommend that you bring a snack, lunch and water. If you are visiting the Presidio Officers' Club, please bring pencils as pens are not allowed inside the Heritage Gallery. If you plan to go outdoors during your visit, we recommend layers, suitable footwear, hats, sunscreen, and water.

What do we do when we arrive at the Presidio Officers' Club?

For guided tours and field trips, your educator or docent will be waiting for your class 15 minutes prior to your scheduled arrival time. If you arrive early, there are picnic tables across the street where your class can gather and have a snack.

For self-guided tours, please check in at the front desk of the Presidio Officers' Club. You may proceed to tour the building after signing in.

What happens if it is raining?

Most field trips happen rain or shine with modified activities in the event of rain. Certain field trips may have to cancel in the event of rain. If you secure a field trip, your education contact will discuss options with you.

For tours, guided and self-guided, rain does not affect the tour. If you would like to have lunch in the Presidio Officers' Club, your class may use the Moraga Ballroom located at the front of the building. This is a public space used by many people.

Can we change our field trip or tour date and time?

Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee a change to your field trip or tour date once it has been scheduled due to capacity issues. The time of a program may be changed, but is subject to the availability of our education staff.

Can I apply for multiple programs?

We ask that you choose the one program that you are most interested in to make it equitable for all teachers. Applications to multiple programs may result in your class being removed from the lottery.