1202 Ralston Avenue, Suite 300

Now offered for September 2018 occupancy: 1202 Ralston Avenue, Suite 300. Located in the park's Fort Winfield Scott neighborhood, this former barracks for enlisted men now serves as a beautifully renovated multi-tenant office building.

Suite 300 is a full-floor space comprising 3,620 rentable square feet. Layout includes 2 larger, multi-purpose spaces, office areas, private restrooms and a kitchenette. Suite features views of the Fort Scott parade ground and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Tours are available by appointment. Please contact a Leasing staff member for more information and to schedule a site visit, leasing@presidiotrust.gov or (415) 561-5335.

Tenant expenses include parking, insurance, telecom and data. Basic office utilities and Service District Charge (SDC) are included in monthly rent in the first year of tenancy. SDC is a reimbursement to the Trust for a portion of municipal services such as police, fire, and emergency services, and road and other infrastructure maintenance. Tenant pays a pro rata share of any increase in building's operating expenses after first year of occupancy.

The Presidio Trust welcomes interest from the San Francisco brokerage community. $2.00/RSF per year (up to $14/RSF) for each year of the initial term to procuring broker, payable half 30 days after lease execution and half 30 days after occupancy. Procuring requirements include, but are not limited to, the following:
Broker must accompany the clients on the initial visit to the Presidio;
Broker must provide written confirmation of an agreement between broker and tenant;
Broker must have a continuing involvement in the transaction.

The Presidio Trust leases commercial space within the Presidio, a national park. Pets, emotional support animals, comfort or other therapy animals which are not considered service animals by the American Disability Act (ADA) are not allowed on premises. Service animals trained to aid a person with a specific disability per the ADA are allowed in the Presidio's commercial buildings.

The Presidio is home to a wide variety of commercial tenants. A proposing entity must meet minimum requirements to enter into a lease with the Presidio Trust. The entity is must be registered with the California Secretary of State. Proof of financial wherewithal to fulfill the financial obligations in the lease is also required, as lease underwriting. Low traffic, low impact tenants are preferred for Presidio spaces.

Fort Scott was built and dedicated to maintaining the coastal defenses of the Golden Gate. Built between 1909 and 1912, Fort Scott features the earliest example of the Mission Revival architectural style in the Presidio. The campus features 10 identical barracks and headquarters building built around a horseshoe-shaped parade ground.

Fort Scott is one of the last large collections of buildings within the national park awaiting revitalization and reuse. The Presidio Trust recently started a public process to explore the future of Fort Scott.

Fort Scott tenants enjoy the free PresidiGo Around the Park Shuttle and with connections to the Downtown Shuttle, the Presidio's Transit Center, Golden Gate Transit bus lines, BART, the Financial District and Transbay Transit Center. Muni and Golden Gate Transit bus stops are within walking distance at the Golden Gate Bridge Toll Plaza. Metered parking is available nearby.

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