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Lease Space in the Presidio


The Presidio is an extraordinary place to work. A diverse ​community of more than 200 organizations is located he​re, including high tech start-ups, innovative non-profits, and others that offer a surprising mix of visitor experiences.

More than 2 million square feet of workspaces are located around the park. Leasing opportunities are currently available.

10 Funston Ave ​4,010 ​sq ft February 2020
16 Funston Ave, Ste B 1,679 ​sq ft Pending
220 Halleck St, Ste 220 1,506 sq ft Pending
569 Ruger St, Ste A ​2,287 sq ft Pending
682 Schofield Road ​18,986 sq ft October 2021
1163 Gorgas Ave, Ste 110 8,518 sq ft Pending
1163 Gorgas Ave, Ste 120 7,268 sq ft Pending
1167 Gorgas Ave, Ste 130 7,468 sq ft Now
1170 Gorgas Ave 11,652 sq ft Now
1202 Ralston Ave, Ste 300 3,620 sq ft Pending
1806 Belles St, private office ​​150 sq ft Now​
1808 Wedemeyer St, private office suites ​​Various Now​​​​