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West Pacific Grove Reforestation

​​​​​​​​​In February 2019, we’ll launch the next phase of our project to improve the health and safety of the Presidio’s forest along West Pacific Avenue. Due to age and Armillaria root rot, trees here are rapidly declining. We began replacing dying trees with young cypress in 2003. To date, 900 trees have been planted over the course of nine phases.

2019 Reforestation – Phase 10

Beginning on February 4, we’ll remove 63 declining cypress trees over the course of four weeks. Work hours will be weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm. A section of the Mountain Lake Trail that run through the site will be closed during work hours but will remain open evenings and weekends. Please see map below of the work area, trail closure, and alternative routes.

Then in fall 2019, we’ll plant 200 McNab cypress and Sargents cypress, along with toyon, manzanita, coyote bush, and ceanothus in the understory.

West Pacific Tree Work Area​ ​


Should you have questions about the project, please contact Clay Harrell, Presidio Trust Communications, at (415) 561-5331.

About Reforestation in the Presidio

Our revitalization of the Presidio forest, planted by the U.S. Army beginning in the 1880s, began in 2003. Since that time, 40 acres all around the park have been replanted with 5,000 young trees.

Reforestation has contributed to an uptick in bird diversity in the Presidio, a clear indication of a sustainable ecosystem. Dying trees also often get a second life in the park, repurposed as benches, fencing, and even artworks like Andy Goldsworthy's Spire, Wood Line, and Tree Fall, viewed by thousands of Presidio visitors each year.

We invite the public to get involved by participating in our volunteer tree care program.