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The Presidio’s Mini-Roundabout

​​​We’re really excited to welcome a new mini-roundabout to Lincoln Boulevard at Girard Road in the Presidio.

But first off, what’s so mini about the “mini-roundabout” in the Presidio? The roundabout is considered mini because larger trucks (think tractor-trailers driving to Target or Safeway) won’t fit solely on the roadway when turning through the roundabout. They’ll need to drive on the mountable islands to complete turns. Personal vehicles and buses will be able to traverse the island fully on the roadway pavement.

Unfamiliar with how to use a mini-roundabout? Here are some suggestions to get you in the swing of things:

  1. Slow down. Obey traffic signs.
  2. Yield to pedestrians and bicyclists.
  3. Yield to traffic on your left already in the roundabout.
  4. Enter the roundabout when there is a safe gap in traffic.
  5. Travel counter-clockwise. Do not stop or pass.
  6. Keep your speed low within the roundabout.
  7. Yield to pedestrians and bicycles as you exit.

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