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Roundabout Installation at Lincoln Boulevard and Girard Road

​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Presidio Trust installed a roundabout at the intersection of Lincoln Boulevard and Girard Road, near the Presidio Y Gym. Our goal was to improve safety for vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists. 


Vehicles, buses, and bikes slowly enter the roundabout after yielding to pedestrians and bicyclists in the crossing, as well as vehicles within the roundabout. Pedestrians still have the right-of-way. Refuge islands allow pedestrians to cross each direction of traffic separately.

This roundabout also features separated bike lanes that direct the cyclist to the pedestrian crossings. Finally, a transit boarding island on the east side of the roundabout allows busses to pull to the stop without forcing cyclists into the vehicle lane. A new crosswalk has been added on the west side of the intersection.

Southwest vehicles aerial view

How to Drive in the Roundabout

  1. Slow down. Obey traffic signs.
  2. Yield to pedestrians and bicyclists.
  3. Yield to traffic on your left already in the roundabout.
  4. Enter the roundabout when there is a safe gap in traffic.
  5. Travel counter-clockwise. Do not stop or pass.
  6. Keep your speed low within the roundabout.
  7. As you approach your exit, turn on your right turn signal.
  8. Yield to pedestrians and bicyclists after exiting the roundabout.

How to Cycle in the Roundabout

  1. As you approach the intersection, choose to ride in the bike lane, or merge into the roadway.
  2. If you merge into the roadway, follow the driving instructions.
  3. If you continue in the bike lane, ride counterclockwise to the next crossing, stop, and cross the road after vehicles have yielded.
  4. Continue counterclockwise in the bike lanes and crossings until you’ve reach the bike lane you desire.