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Reforestation Along Mountain Lake Trail

About Reforestation Along Mountain Lake Trail​

Between mid-August and mid-September 2022, the Presidio Trust Forestry Department will remove approximately 100 Blue Gum Eucalyptus adjacent to the Mountain Lake Trail and the East Arm of Mountain Lake. The trees​ are unhealthy due to overcrowded planting and poor maintenance by the Army. A five foot pathway along the trail will be left open to allow for walkers. We will replace the trees with reduced numbers of smaller stature Eucalyptus and a diversified native plant understory that provides food and habitat for native wildlife.

Mountain Lake Stand Reforestation map

About Reforestation in the Presidio

Reforestation in the Presidio began in 2003. Since that time, more than 40 acres have been restored and 5,000 trees have been planted all around the park.

The Trust's reforestation has contributed to an uptick in bird diversity in the Presidio, a clear indication of a sustainable ecosystem. Dying trees also often get a second life in the park, repurposed as benches, fencing, and even artworks like Andy Goldsworthy's Spire, Wood Line, and Tree Fall, viewed by thousands of Presidio visitors each year.

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