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Presidio Hills Tree Removal + Habitat Restoration Project 2019

​​​​​​Photo by Felipe Romero​

Updated August 14, 2019

The Tree Removal + Habitat Restoration near Presidio Landmark apartments begins in September 2019. Download the informational flyer >>

About Restoration at the Presidio Hills Monterey Pine Stand

The stand of Monterey pine trees located just north of the Presidio Landmark apartments was planted by the U.S. Army in the late 1880s. It was part of a plan by Major William A. Jones to create a forest within the Presidio.

Trees are now at the end of their lifespan and are being removed as part of our proactive management program to ensure the safety and sustainability of the Presidio forest.

NOW - Hazardous Tree Removal + Habitat Restoration – September 2019

In September, we will remove the stand of rapidly declining Monterey pine trees from a three-acre area along the Mountain Lake Trail behind the Presidio Landmark apartments. The coast live oak trees here are healthy and will remain.

Work Schedule

Tree removal will take four to six weeks and should be complete in early October. Work hours will be weekdays only from 8 am to 4:30 pm. Chainsaws and chippers will generate some noise and dust during work hours.

The section of Mountain Lake Trail that runs near the site will be closed during work hours, with an alternate route available nearby. The trail will reopen during the evenings and on weekends. See map below. Logs and materials will be hauled away via Presidio roadways and across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Restoring Native Habitat

After the declining trees have been removed, we’ll replant the site over three years with native trees and plants including oaks, coastal dune scrub species, and the federally endangered San Francisco lessingia, a dune annual wildflower. This rare plant can only be found in the Presidio and in one location in Daly City. Over the past two decades, the Presidio Trust and the National Park Service have brought this plant back from the brink of extinction by expanding the sandy dune habitat here that allows it to thrive. We’ll also install nest boxes around the site to provide habitat for nesting birds.

Our goal is to keep the Presidio’s natural areas thriving and to invite park visitors to experience San Francisco’s wild native habitats.

Trail Closure Map: September / October 2019

trail closure map

About Restoration in the Presidio

The Presidio Trust, the National Park Service, and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy work together to restore the Presidio’s open spaces according to the Vegetation Management Plan, a blueprint for preserving the Presidio’s native habitats, historic forests, and designed landscapes. Since 2001, we have restored over 78 acres of the Native Plant Community Zone with the help of 160,000 volunteer hours. If you’d like to help with the planting and stewarding of these areas, email

For more information, please contact us at