Park Boulevard Key Historic Stand Reforestation Project 2016 - 2022

Project Description

The stand of Monterey cypress trees located west of San Francisco National Cemetery and adjacent to Park Boulevard was planted by the U.S. Army in the 1880s. This stand was established as part of a plan by Major William A. Jones to create a forest within the Presidio.

Since the trees were all planted within a very short period of time, this site has an uncommon visual quality, and is considered one of the most beloved parts of the park. In 2001, this site was designated as one of the four Key Historic Forest Stands in the park by the Office of the Secretary of Interior.

Due to a lack of thinning by the Army when the stand was first established, the trees have become weakened. The cypress trees are now at the end of their natural lifespan, and the stand is failing. Many trees have fallen in recent years during the winter storms. The poor health of the trees creates a hazard for visitors to the park and the other trees and ecology in the area.

To help restore the forest, between 2016 and 2022, the Presidio Trust is gradually replacing this declining stand in six stages. Replanting will be organized with an effort to replicate the unique character of the forest in this area. The map below indicates the sequential stages of the reforestation plan. Declining trees in the stand will gradually be replaced by 900 young Monterey cypress trees that were raised from seeds collected in the Presidio.

Presidio reforestation map

Schedule of Phases:

Stage 1 – completed in 2016
About 40 declining trees in the southeastern area of the stand were removed and replaced with 200 young Monterey cypress trees.​

Stage 2 – July through December, 2017
Removal of about 35 declining trees will occur from July 31st through August 11, 2017. Work hours will be 8am to 4pm, Monday through Friday. A segment of the Park Trail will be closed during work hours, but remain open during the evening and all day on weekends. Please see map below of the work area, trail closure, and alternative routes.

The cleared area within the stand will be replanted with 125 young Monterey cypress trees raised from seeds collected in the Presidio. Tree planting will occur in December 2017 as the rainy seasons begins.

Presidio reforestation trail map

Stages 3-6 – Information on subsequent stages will be updated annually.

Reforestation in the Presidio:

The long-term effort to rejuvenate the Presidio forest began in 2003. Since that time, 34 acres of forest have been restored in the Presidio and 4,400 trees have been planted around the park as part of the Presidio Trust's reforestation program.

The Trust's reforestation effort has contributed to an uptick in bird diversity in the Presidio, a clear indication of a sustainable ecosystem. Dying trees also often get a second life in the park, repurposed as benches, fencing, and even artworks like Andy Goldsworthy's Spire, Wood Line, and Tree Fall, viewed by thousands of Presidio visitors each year.

The Trust welcomes the public to get involved by participating in a volunteer tree care program. From 2007 to 2016, approximately 1,700 volunteers contributed over 10,000 hours taking care of young trees.

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