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Lower Kobbe Reforestation

​​​​​​​In October, this stand of aged and deteriorating Monterey cypress trees will be removed and replaced with young Monterey cypress. This is the third phase in the larger Lower Kobbe reforestation stand. Nearly one acre in size, it consists of 30 Monterey cypress trees, which will be replaced primarily with the same species. Erosion control measures and drip irrigation will be installed. Approximately 200 Monterey cypress trees will be planted roughly 15 feet on center and thinned every five years to reach an approximate density of 40-50 trees per acre at maturity. In early 2021, wind blew over several trees in this stand, which has elevated the concern for this area.


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About Reforestation in the Presidio

Our revitalization of the Presidio forest, planted by the U.S. Army beginning in the 1880s, began in 2003. Since that time, 40 acres all around the park have been replanted with 5,000 young trees.

Reforestation has contributed to an uptick in bird diversity in the Presidio, a clear indication of a sustainable ecosystem. Dying trees also often get a second life in the park, repurposed as benches, fencing, and even artworks like Andy Goldsworthy's Spire, Wood Line, and Tree Fall, which are viewed by thousands of Presidio visitors each year.

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