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Lendrum Court Remediation


Project Description​

The Trust performed soil testing to investigate the presence of Army-era debris found beneath the ground surface in the Lendrum Court Area. The subsurface debris includes abundant glass, ceramics, and terra cotta, as well as lesser quantities of cobbles, brick, charcoal, wire, metal, small animal bones, and burned wood and ash. Lead and other chemicals were detected at concentrations that could potentially pose a human health or ecologic risk if individuals are exposed to contaminated soils through ingestion, inhalation or dermal contact. Of particular concern is the presence of glass at the ground surface. The glass and contaminated soils have been brought to the ground surface via gopher activity, increasing the potential for human exposure.

The Trust reported the sample results for the debris fill to the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC). Under the direction and oversight of the DTSC, the Trust conducted an additional investigation to define the extent of debris soils, prepared a remedial action work plan to select the remedy and completed design to implement the selected remedy to prevent human and ecologic contact with the debris. Implementation of the remedy will be followed by site restoration and landscape improvements in the neighborhood.


Spring 2014

The Presidio Trust implemented and maintained tempora​ry actions to minimize potential human exposure to the debris found in Lendrum Court while permanent remedial actions were developed.

Spring 2014 through Fall 2014

Under the direction of DTSC, the Presidio Trust conducted additional sampling and testing in the North Fort Scott neighborhoods, including Lendrum Court, to delineate the full extent of the debris, confirm chemicals of concern, and determine if any risk is posed to individuals living in and visiting the neighborhood. The results of these investigations are presented in the Lendrum Court Remedial Investigation Summary Report.

Fall 2014 through Spring 2015

Based on the extent of debris defined in the Remedial Investigation Report, the Trust identified alternatives to mitigate human and ecologic risk associated with the waste debris. The preferred alternative is to consolidate the waste, cover the waste with a cap, and implement land use controls to ensure the cap is maintained and protects residents and wildlife from exposure to the debris.

Summer 2015 through Summer 2016

The Trust and DTSC issued the Final Removal Action Work Plan, which selected the preferred alternative described above. The Trust completed the Remedial Design and Implementation Plan for the Phase 1 areas in summer 2015, and incorporated Phase 2 design details into a Revised Plan that was approved by the DTSC in June 2016.   

Summer 2016 through Spring 2017

Implementation of Phase 1 and Phase 2 remediation was largely completed in Winter 2016.  Installation of final hardscape elements and planting are on-going, as weather permits.  Preparation of a Construction Completion Report for DTSC review and approval is underway.​

Summer through Fall 2017

Complete irrigation, planting and install final landscape features, including community gardens.


Nina Larssen
Remediation Program Manager
Presidio Trust
(415) 561-5421


George Chow
Project Manager
​Department of Toxic Substances Control
(510) 540-3879