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Inspiration Point Native Grassland Restoration

​​​From October to November 2022, the Trust Forestry team will remove mature and declining Monterey cypress, pines, and acacias from a 1.5-acre parcel at Inspiration Point to improve the site for two endangered species, Presidio Clarkia and Franciscan Manzanita. Some existing trees will be kept and we’ll replant with 40 species of native oak woodland and coastal scrub plants.

About Native Grassland Restoration at Inspiration Point

Vegetation restoration at Inspiration Point began in the mid-1990s and continues through ongoing stewardship to this day. Initially aimed at maintaining the site’s historic views, it evolved to also focus on restoring the site’s important native grassland habitats. In 2000, approximately two acres of over 100 trees were removed from the north-facing slope below the Inspiration Point parking area. The trees were primarily Monterey pines, which the U.S. Army planted in the late 1800s. While native in other areas of California, these trees were not historically found in the Presidio, and are invasive within serpentine grassland habitat.

About Restoration in the Presidio

The Presidio Trust, the National Park Service, and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy work together to restore the Presidio’s open spaces according to the Vegetation Management Plan, a blueprint for preserving the Presidio’s native habitats, historic forests, and designed landscapes. Since 2001, we have restored over 78 acres of the Native Plant Community Zone with the help of 160,000 volunteer hours. If you’d like to help with the planting and stewarding of these areas, email

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