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Inspiration Point Habitat Restoration 2018 - Presidio Clarkia and Franciscan Manzanita

​​This fall we’re beginning the next phase of grassland habitat restoration at Inspiration Point.

We’re expanding the habitat for two federally listed endangered species, the Presidio clarkia, a wildflower found in only two locations worldwide, and the Franciscan manzanita, a rare shrub thought for 70 years to be extinct in the wild.

The project is an important part of our long-term vision to dramatically increase the variety of native plants in our national park landscapes.

In September, we’ll remove a stand of invasive acacia trees and weedy vines at the south edge of Inspiration Point near the Ecology Trail. A segment of the Ecology trail will be closed during work hours, of 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, but will remain open during the evening and all day on weekends. Please see map below of the work area, trail closure, and alternative routes.

After the first rains this winter, we will plant approximately 2,000 native plants consisting of 40 coastal scrub and grassland species. Presidio clarkia will be seeded and Franciscan manzanitas will be planted.

Much of the Inspiration Point area is underlain with serpentinite rock. Soils from this rock’s minerals are inhospitable to most plants, but support rare native grassland species.

The Presidio Trust and the National Park Service work together to restore the Presidio’s open spaces according to the Vegetation Management Plan, a blueprint for preserving the Presidio’s native habitats, historic forest, and designed landscape. Since 2001, we have restored over 78 acres of Native Plant Community Zone with the help of 160,000 volunteer hours. If you’d like to help us with the planting, email

Trail Closure Map

trail closure map

For more information, please contact us at