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Freedom of Information Act Resources


Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a federal statute that allows any person to obtain records of a federal agency. Like all federal agencies, the Presidio Trust is required under FOIA to disclose records that any person requests in writing. The agency may only withhold records that are exempt from disclosure by FOIA. To get more information on the nine FOIA exemptions the Presidio Trust may claim to protect information in its records, consult the Presidio Trust FOIA Guide. If you believe that records were withheld from you illegally, you can enforce your FOIA rights by filing an appeal with the agency and ultimately by filing a lawsuit in federal District Court.

Preparing a Request

Before you submit a FOIA request, please prepare the following information. This will help us decide where to search to determine what records pertain to your request. It can also save you and the government time and money, and you may get what you want faster.

  • Review the Public Documents information page to ensure that the record you seek has not already been released.
  • Describe the records you want as specifically as possible.
  • Review the fee information below and tell us how much you’re willing to pay.
  • Furnish any facts or clues about the dates, places, persons, events or subjects you’re interested in, or other details of the information or records you want.
  • Review the FOIA exemptions and exclusions below.
  • Note: A FOIA request may seek only records that exist at the time the request is received, and may not require that new records be created in response to the request.
  • For additional guidance, please review the Presidio Trust FOIA Regulation information page.

File Your Request