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Paving Project and Bike Network Improvements

2021 Paving Project and Bike Network Improvements Map
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The Presidio Trust is repaving several roadways and parking lots throughout the Presidio – this amounts to 25% of all roadways in the park. The project provides an opportunity to improve roadways for cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists, making the park easier to navigate for cyclists of all ages and abilities and improving safety for all.

  • The project covers over seven miles of Presidio roadways and several parking areas.
  • Separated bike lanes will be added to Lincoln Boulevard in the Main Post from Montgomery Street to Torney Avenue and near Baker Beach between Bowley Drive and Pershing Boulevard.
  • The mini-roundabout at Lincoln-Girard and the advisory bike lanes on Graham Street are two key improvements that will balance the needs of cyclists, pedestrians and vehicles.


It’s important to invest in park infrastructure to support the Presidio as a great place to live, work, and play for decades to come. This project will reduce long-term maintenance costs and improve safety for everyone. It will also allow us to make bikeway improvements outlined in the Presidio Trails and Bikeways Master Plan.


The project began in November 2020 and is currently underway. Some work previously scheduled for the fall 2020 was shifted to spring 2021 due to cooler than expected temperatures. Work proposed around the Tunnel Tops site has been rescheduled to limit disruptions. The schedule for each roadway segment depends on surface treatments and contractor sequence. The table below will be updated regularly to reflect our current schedule and any known impacts. Work is expected to be fully completed by summer 2021.


The project will progress over several months. Access to all park facilities will remain open, but you should expect detours and roadway or lane closures as construction progresses during working hours (7 am or 8 am to 5 pm). The impact to any given roadway segment or parking area will be spread over a few weeks. Pedestrians and cyclists may be redirected for periods of time. Expect some detours and lane/parking area closures; please allow a few extra minutes for travel. Alternative parking areas will be identified for residential parking pass holders.

The next phase include:

  1. Completing striping, signage, and punch-list on completed roadways. This work will continue through May with limited disruptions.
  2. Paving around the Tunnel Tops site is being sequenced with that project and is expected this summer.
  3. Paving at Gorgas will occur this summer.

Any impacts to PresidiGo routes and stops will be clearly posted at the stops and here.

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With the new mini-roundabout at Lincoln-Girard, vehicles, buses and bikes will slowly enter the roundabout after yielding to pedestrian and bicyclists in the crossing and vehicles within the roundabout. Pedestrians still have the right-of-way, and refuge islands will allow pedestrians to cross each direction of traffic separately. This mini-roundabout also features separated bike lanes that will direct the cyclist to the pedestrian crossings. Finally, a transit boarding island on the east side of the roundabout allows the bus to pull to the stop without forcing cyclists into the vehicle lane. A new crosswalk will be added on the west side of the intersection.

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Advisory bike lanes are a way to provide bike lanes on narrow, low-volume, low-speed roadways. Although popular in other parts of the world for many years, advisory bike lanes are relatively new to the United States. This option was selected for Graham Street to provide a bicycle connection through the Main Post while maintaining parking for tenants and visitors.

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We’ve eliminated the left turn from Lincoln Boulevard onto the northbound US 101 on-ramp to improve safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers and to reduce traffic congestion so emergency vehicles can travel through the park. Access to 101 northbound will remain available for westbound traffic on Lincoln or via Cranston Road and the toll plaza underpass. These modifications are being made to discourage freeway traffic from using park roadways.