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Outdoor Permitted Events


The Presidio Trust is currently issuing a limited amount of special use permits for activities that are allowed under local phased reopening plans. This includes film permits, small outdoor special gatherings​, single household camping, out-of-school-time programs, and specialized support services for vulnerable children and youth. If you are interested in obtaining a permit, please email

To ensure the safety of our visitors, we are not currently permitting larger-capacity activities such as festivals, league sports, runs and races, group picnics or overnight group camping. If you have questions about an existing permit, please email For updates on the Presidio Trust’s coronavirus response, visit

The Presidio Trust provides permits for outdoor ​events, fil​m shoots, camping, and more.

Camping at Rob Hill

Perched on four wooded acres above Baker Beach at the Presidio's highest point, Rob Hill is one of just two campgrounds in San Francisco. It offers a national park camping experience just minutes from the city. Here, you can see the lights of Sutro Tower, smell the ocean, and hear the owls in the Cypress trees.

Rob Hill has four group campsites that can accomodate up to 30 people: two available for public reservations, and two that welcome youth from the "Camping at the Presidio" program. Learn more about camping at Rob Hill >>

​Filming at the Presidio

The Presidio Trust issues permits for film projects on the Presidio's interior lands. Please note that requesting a Special Use Permit requires a minimum of 10 working-days notice (in writing). Fees are based on the size, scope, and nature of the project. For further information or to request an application, please contact the Presidio Trust at (415) 561-4200 or

The National Park Service Special Park Uses Group (SPUG) manages filming at all Golden Gate National Recreation Area sites. Visit the SPUG website or call (415) 561-4301.​

​Picnics and Outdoor Events

Please note we are accepting new reservations for lawn rentals in 2020. We offer lawn rentals between April 1 to October 30 of each year.

The Presidio Trust manages the outdoor event permitting process for the Presidio's interior lands. Permits are not required for outdoor events (picnics, gatherings) with 50 or fewer participants and that will not use a grill or barbeque brought in to the Presidio. Picnic/gathering sites are available on a first-come, first-served basis at El Polín SpringImmigrant Point, and Pershing Square.​

The Presidio offers two sites on the Main Post that can accommodate outdoor events for groups from 51 to 1,500 people. The sites are available from April 1 to October 31. Pricing is available upon request. Amplified music, inflatables, and organized sporting activities are not permitted. Tenting requires a separate permit. Groups 200+ must provide shuttle or bus service to and from the site. To discuss arrangements for a large group event, contact the Trust at (415) 561-4200 or

The Golden Gate National Recreation Area office of Special Park Uses manages the permitting process for outdoor events at ​Crissy FieldBaker BeachEast Beach, and West Bluff. Contact them at (415) 561-4300 or The City and County of San Francisco Park and Recreational Department at (415) 831-5500.

​Playing Fields

Fort Scott Field, located near the Golden Gate Bridge Toll Plaza, is available for public use. Scheduling for organized teams, leagues, schools, and private use is determined through a lottery. Applications, rules, and regulations are mailed each spring for use the following October through September. One-time use reservations are also available. To register your team, league, or school for the date selection competition or to learn about other availability, please contact Presidio Trust Special Events at (415) 561-4200 or

If you’re interested in reserving Paul Goode Field, please reach out directly to University High School and include their email address –​

If you’re interested in reserving Morton Street Field, please reach out directly to Town School and include their email address –

​Races, Runs, Festivals, and Other Activities

Some events and activities require a permit because of the impacts they may have on the park's resources or visitors. Examples include festivals and organized sporting events, such as runs. Elements that could trigger the need for an event permit include:

  • Attendance of more than 100 people
  • Need for road closures, detours, or intermittent traffic stoppages
  • Tents or canopies
  • Valet parking or shuttle service
  • Food trucks, catering, or alcohol service
  • Organized sports use​

To propose an event, contact the Presidio Trust at (415) 561-4200 or Please note that requesting a Special Use Permit requires a minimum of 10 working-days notice (in writing). 

The National Park Service Special Park Uses Group manages special events at Crissy Field and Baker Beach. To propose a special event at Crissy Field or Baker Beach, visit the National Park Service website or call (415) 561-4300.

Launching, Landing, and Operating Drones in Area B

The Presidio Trust allows the launching, landing, or operation of unmanned aircraft (aka "drones") in Area B of the Presidio, provided they are operated safely and in accordance with law, including the Trust’s regulatory prohibitions on frightening or disturbing wildlife, injuring or destroying cultural resources, or creating a public nuisance. Due to public safety and visitor conflict concerns, the Trust also restricts operation of drones at certain permitted special events, including Presidio Picnics.

Activities in Area A of the Presidio are regulated by the National Park Service (NPS). For information regarding the prohibition on unmanned aircraft in Area A, visit the National Park​ Service website.

Commercial Dog Walking

Presidio Trust and National Park Service regulations require that commercial dog walkers in the Presidio possess valid commercial dog walking permits issued by the National Park Service. City-issued permits do not apply.  Detailed information on permit requirements and how to apply can be found at​

​First Amendment Permits

Freedom of speech, press, religion, and assembly are rights protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. The Presidio Trust respects and protects the peaceful exercise of these rights in the Presidio, while complying with its obligation to safeguard park visitors and resources and manage the park’s assets. The Presidio Trust has developed a permit process to establish the location, time, and other general conditions under which First Amendment activities may occur.

Please email us at to obtain an application or if you have questions related to First Amendment permits.

Generally, a permit is required for First Amendment activities that meet any of the following criteria:

  • At locations that require a permit shown on our First Amendment map
  • Groups larger than 25 participants
  • Unreasonably interfere with other permitted events or park program activities
  • Involve stages, platforms or other structures
  • Would like a guarantee of priority use of a specific location
  • Is requesting an area not otherwise open to the public

Groups of 25 people or less are generally not required to obtain a First Amendment permit, provided the group meets the criteria above and complies with the Trust’s First Amendment regulations at 36 CFR 1002.51 (for demonstrations) and 1002.52 (for the sale or distribution of printed matter).

Examples of First Amendment Activities: Religious services; political speeches; press conferences; voter registration; picketing, assembly or rally expressing opinions and views; leafletting.

Type of Activities Not Covered by the First Amendment: Picnics; social gatherings; wedding ceremonies or receptions; political fundraisers or other invitation-only political activities or events; and community parades, athletics, or sporting events.

First Amendment permits are issued at no cost to the permittee. Many of the activities not covered by the First Amendment can be accommodated through a Special Use Permit for which cost recovery will be charged.

The Presidio Trust’s actions on First Amendment permits will not be based on the content of an applicant’s message or opinion expressed. The Presidio Trust will neither encourage nor discourage, or otherwise endorse, First Amendment activities.

​The ​​National Park Service Special Park Uses Group (SPUG) manages the permitting process for First Amendment activities in Area A, including Crissy Field.