Historic Compliance Coordinator

The Presidio Trust is seeking a Historic Compliance Coordinator. The Trust is one of a kind: a stand-alone federal agency, with a board of directors reporting directly to the President of the United States. We have the unique mission of operating a financially self-sustaining national park in one of the most spectacular locations in America. Starting as a military base under Spanish jurisdiction in the 1700s, and now operating as a National Historic Landmark District, the Presidio has been transformed into a national park with majestic views of the San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. We earn all of our own revenue by leasing homes to families and offices to organizations; and operating a hotel, golf course and restaurants. We use that income to renovate, maintain and operate a park with a historic forest, a wide range of native plants and animals, the only campground in San Francisco, archeological excavations, and hundreds of historic buildings.

Our ideal candidate has strong organization, problem-solving, verbal communication and writing skills, and is passionate about restoring, repairing, and maintaining historic structures in the Presidio. You are an ambitious self-starter who strives for results and performs well under pressure, and you are skilled in research and analytical thinking.  The ability to respectfully and effectively collaborate with a range of people with varying backgrounds in design, the trades, real estate and tenants is essential. This position is best suited to a recent graduate of a master's program in historic preservation, ideally with prior experience in a related field such as archaeology, architecture, materials conservation, planning or other building-related professions.

Applications received by April 2nd, 2018 will receive first consideration. We are planning to hold the first round of interviews beginning the week of April 9th, the second round of interviews beginning the week of April 16th, make a job offer in late-April, and set a work start date in May or June, 2018.


  • Section 106 Compliance: Report to the Trust's Federal Preservation Officer (FPO), and administer the Trust's Section 106 Review program under the Presidio Trust's Programmatic Agreements for all projects in Area B (Trust managed portion) of the Presidio of San Francisco. Evaluate proposed projects and help determine the level of compliance required in collaboration with the FPO and NEPA Compliance Manager.
    • National Historic Preservation Act/Programmatic Agreement Review Process: Support the FPO and NEPA Compliance Manager in administering the Trust's Project Review Committee.
    • Post Review Project Monitoring: Assist in monitoring actions after review through design, construction, and/or implementation to ensure adherence to stipulations placed on the project during review. Review drawings, specifications, shop drawings, design-build specifications, and other materials as well as inspect during the construction phase of the project.
    • Full Consultation and Review: Assist with the implementation of full compliance for actions falling outside the Presidio Trust's Programmatic Agreements, which involves consultation with the National Park Service, California State Historic Preservation Officer, other interested parties and the public.
  • National Register and Research Projects: Employ substantial skill and knowledge in organizing and writing studies that set forth a balanced and realistic picture of the subject under consideration.
    • Research Projects: Assist in planning and executing definitive special studies including Physical Histories, Historic Structure Reports, Historic American Building Survey reports, design guidelines, landscape studies, and other such historic structure assessments. 
    • National Register/National Historic Landmark Documentation: Assist in planning and executing research and survey projects to evaluate potential historic park resources for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places or the Presidio's National Historic Landmark forms.
  • Field Assistance: Help organize training for Trust personnel in the process and requirements of Section 106 including interpreting the Programmatic Agreements, the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties and other applicable preservation best practices. Provide technical advice and assistance to Trust staff in the development and execution of projects that will affect historic resources.

  • Master's Degree in any one of the disciplines of Historic Preservation, Architecture, Historic Architecture, Architectural History, History, Archaeology, or Conservation AND one year of experience in historic preservation and/or historic compliance work (work experience may be prior to beginning a graduate program).
  • Knowledge of the origins and development of the historic preservation movement and of historic preservation theory, philosophy, and practice, including a working knowledge of the laws, regulations, policies, standards, philosophies, theories, and practices relating to historic preservation and cultural resource management.
  • Extensive knowledge of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as amended, and the ability to apply provisions of the act to a variety of situations.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills in order to effectively convey information in oral and written briefings, presentations, training activities, on-site construction decisions, tenant interactions, staff briefings, outside contractor communications, and other forums.
  • Strong writing skills that can be applied to draft letters, reports, briefing papers, and articles.
  • Ability to use the National Register of Historic Places and the updated National Register forms for the Presidio of San Francisco National Historic Landmark District.
  • Ability to design and conduct activities and create products that reflect sound preservation principles and practices.
  • Ability to develop working plans and block out the major areas of research for the accomplishment of physical histories, historic structure reports, and other such structure or resource history and assessment studies.
  • Expertise in studying cultural resources for the purpose of determining their nature and extent, and assessing their condition, significance, and integrity.
  • Ability to identify, evaluate, and document cultural resources according to National Register criteria, standards, and guidelines, and the Secretary of the Interior's Standards and Guidelines for Archeology and Historic Preservation.
  • Ability to provide basic review of cultural resource documentation in National Register nominations, National Historic Landmark Theme and site studies and boundary proposals, HABS/HAER reports, planning documents, and other materials for the purpose of recommending resolutions to problems.​

About Presidio Trust Historic Preservation

The Presidio of San Francisco is a 1,491 acre National Historic Landmark District comprised of over 700 contributing buildings, landscapes, archaeological sites and features.  Historic preservation at the Presidio Trust is carried out by an interdisciplinary team of architects, historians, archaeologists, landscape architects, building tradespeople and legal/compliance professionals working together to adaptively reuse the former Spanish, Mexican and American military base, founded in 1776.  Each year the historic compliance team reviews dozens of projects ranging from extensive building and landscape rehabilitations to minor tenant improvements and maintenance programs.  As a National Park site and one of the Bay Area's most treasured places, the Presidio offers an extremely dynamic, active environment for historic preservation practice.