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The Presidio Trust is seeking a Gardener.  The Presidio is a unique national park located in San Francisco at the Golden Gate. The successful applicant will join a team of innovative land stewards working to manage cultural landscapes, restore wildlands and biodiversity to this diverse and changing landscape. On any given day at the Presidio, organizations are pursuing new ideas, scientists are conducting research, and people of all ages are volunteering, learning, playing and exploring. Hundreds of former military buildings are animated by more than 3,000 residents and 200 companies, including high tech start-ups, innovative non-profits and others that offer a welcoming mix of visitor experiences. The park has a mosaic of cultural and natural plant communities, including historic gardens and forests and restored and remnant wetlands, sand dunes, grasslands and salt marsh. Designed gardens support many species of ornamental plants and almost 400 native plant species grow here, several of which are endangered and grow nowhere else in the world.  

The Gardener works as a member of a crew and is engaged in the maintenance of outdoor areas, including designed landscapes, playgrounds, athletic fields, and concrete paving.   Gardeners perform a wide range of landscape maintenance duties in and around the Presidio Trust, facilitating safe, well maintained and ecologically conscientious landscapes.

Our ideal candidate is a team player with a strong work ethic and the skills and passion to help us maintain and care for the Presidio's varied landscapes.


This is a full-time position with benefits and a minimum salary of $27.25 per hour. Applications received by April 3, 2021 will receive first consideration.



  • Maintain landscape areas, including trees, shrubs, ground cover, lawns, athletic fields, minor irrigation maintenance, playgrounds, picnic areas, camp sites, park furnishings, walks, and patios.
  • Assess growing conditions, increases in lime, calcium salt, or Sulphur so that acid or alkaline conditions are neutralized in line with plant requirements and control infrequent plant diseases and cold damage.
  • Follow project plans or planting plans prepared by landscape architects, make recommendations for appropriate plant coverage.
  • Use sound gardening practices and project or landscape plans, make independent judgments in treating soil, deciding which plants will be moved and where they will be transplanted, and how problem conditions will be treated.
  • Recommend and utilize integrated pest management methods and procedures for controlling pests; if licensed, applies pesticides as necessary according to the label, all governmental regulations and Trust policies.
  • Control and/or eradicate weeds, and mulch planting areas. Mow and edge lawns, grass areas, apply fertilizer, compost, and use a variety of foliage feeding, root feeding, and soil additive techniques in fertilizing different varieties of plants.
  • Install and maintain irrigation systems; repairs and maintains park furnishings, playground facilities, athletic fields and landscape structures.
  • Operate a variety of landscape equipment. Operate small utility vehicles or GSA vehicles.
  • Maintain maintenance shop and storage yards related to equipment and supplies used in work and. Provide traffic control assistance as needed.
  • Lead and facilitate small and large groups of Trust volunteers, (as directed by the Gardener Supervisor) in specific grounds maintenance tasks.
  • Other duties as assigned.



  • High school diploma or general education degree (GED).
  • Two (2) years of experience in the care and maintenance of landscaped areas OR
  • Twelve (12) hours of college-level courses in horticulture, landscaping or related field.
  • Valid Driver's License


Desired Qualifications

  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) certification.


About the Presidio Trust Gardener Crew

Gardeners at the Presidio are responsible for the care and maintenance of our historical and cultural landscapes, from the gardens around our historic homes, public buildings and beautiful public venues they comprise a team of dedicated knowledgeable individuals that maintain the gardens of the park for future generations. Using improved methods of composting, organic fertilization and weed control through non-lethal methods they bring the Presidio sustainability for park tenants and visitors alike.


Driver's License Investigation & Review

This position requires a current, valid Driver's License prior to starting work, and maintenance of a driver's license throughout occupancy of the position. You will be subject to a driver's license investigation as a New Entrant, and annual driver's license reviews thereafter. An individual's granting of an investigation and resulting reports thereafter is voluntary, however, employment is contingent upon the successful completion of a driver's license investigation. The Trust may refuse to hire an individual, rescind an offer of employment, or review and terminate the employment of a current employee who does not successfully complete the driver's license investigation.