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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Fun Games and Ac​tivities for Kids

Introduce your kids to the Presidio with these fun activities.

Red Poppy

Did you know red poppies are a symbol of remembrance? Honor those who’ve given their lives in service to our country with this colorful craft activity for kids five and up.

Torn Paper Poppies

Presidio wildflowers

The Presidio is home to many colorful wildflowers and many are currently in bloom. Here’s a fun activity to help identify the different flowers all around you. Good for ages 8 years old and up.

Wildflowers Activity

scavenger hunt

Nature has so much to offer if we just slow down and look closely. Download this drawing of the Ecology Trail and use your eyes to find hidden items. Good for ages 4-8 years-old.

Scavenger Hunt at the Ecology Trail Activity

bird watching hawk

Did you know the Presidio has one of the most diverse bird po​pulations of any urban park in the world? Do a little virtual bird watching with this fun and educational activity. Good for ages 8 years old and up.

Bird Watching Activity

Kid Crafts

mask making for kids

The Presidio is home to hundreds of animals, including insects, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and mammals. Celebrate the diversity of the animals who live in our national park site by making your own animal mask!

Amazing Animal Masks Activity

Our partners at the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy​ have crafty projects to connect kids to the outdoors.

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