Mountain Lake Promise

Mountain Lake is a natural lake at the heart of a big city. Our actions greatly affect the health of the lake.

Feeding wildlife (including birds) increases pathogens in the lake, and leads to the animals’ malnutrition. Releasing pets, like goldfish and turtles, pushes out local native species, and greatly threatens world biodiversity.

The areas around Mountain Lake are home to 250 species of birds, 30 species of butterflies, 50 species of mammals, and more federally protected species than any other national park in the continental United States.

Protecting the world’s biodiversity begins with your promise!

1. Don’t feed wildlife!

Animals are natural foragers and hunters, and can find food on their own - just like their ancestors have always done. Feeding wild animals interrupts their natural cycles and can lead to malnutrition.

2. Don’t abandon pets!

Invasive plant and animal species are a major threat to local plant and animal biodiversity. Take unwanted pets to an animal rescue or participating pet shop!

3. Pick up after your dog!

Dog waste harbors dangerous pathogens, including fecal coliform bacteria, and parasites, like hookworms and roundworms. These can spread to people, wildlife and other dogs if dog waste is not picked up.

4. Share this knowledge!

Tell friends and family about this promise. Encourage them to observe these guidelines too!

If you agree to follow these guidelines, sign the promise to LOVE MOUNTAIN LAKE!