Main Parade Lawn

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​​​​​​Ahh, the large, inviting lawn of the Presidio's Main Parade Lawn! It's hard to imagine that the grass wasn't always here, especially after you've wiggled your toes in it while picnicking or attending an outdoor festival.​​

The Main Parade Lawn is located in the heart of the Presidio between Montgomery, Lincoln, Graham, and Sheridan Streets, just a short walk from the Presidio Visitor Center. Framed by rows of historic buildings and magnificent San Francisco Bay views, the Main Parade is the perfect green space for enjoying a relaxing moment in the outdoors.

Whe​n it was first established in 1898, the Main Parade Lawn had a very different purpose. It served as training site where the soldiers who lived in the adjacent red brick barracks conducted drills and exercises and participated in military ceremonies. The largest parade ground in the Presidio, it was the post's social center. Sadly, in 1937, its historic past was buried with asphalt, and the monumental grounds became a seven-acre parking lot.

That all changed in 2011 when two-thirds of the parking lot was transformed into a large green gathering space for events, recreation, and pure leisure. Today, it's a perfect resting spot after a day of hiking in the park or visiting other Main Post attractions like The Walt Disney Family Museum and the Society of California Pioneers.

And there's ​more to come for the Main Parade Lawn as the Presidio Tunnel Tops Project eventually connects the Main Post to the northern waterfront.

Share Chairs

In response to public feedback about ways to make the historic Main Parade Lawn a more welcoming and comfortable space for visitors, as well as lessons learned from other parks around the world, in 2016 we introduced new moveable and versatile seating to the Presidio – "Share Chairs." They're there for everyone, and super comfy. So come out to the Main Parade Lawn and enjoy them!

​Learn more about the chairs, including design, development, and purpose of the Share Chairs ​>>