Fort Scott Organic Community Garden


There are many hidden gems in the Presidio, but none are literally as fruitful as the Fort Scott Organic Community Garden. Located off a dirt road behind the Kobbe Avenue neighborhood, the small green space was rediscovered in 1997 when National Park Service landscape architects found aerial photographs from five decades earlier that revealed a lush garden filled with trees, planting beds, a greenhouse, and a fountain.

Records show the land was used for horticulture since 1915, probably tended by officers' wives. During World War II, it's very likely that the grounds served as a Victory Garden, providing fruits, herbs, and vegetables for families during a time of food shortages and rationing.

Bring a Picnic and Visit the Garden

In 1998, the Presidio's new civilian residents and workers began restoring the garden to its former glory. Today, abundant flowers, vines, and edible flora flourish in more than 40 plots. ​

Visitors are welcome, too. Benches here are a great place to bring a picnic or read a book in a peaceful, relaxing setting. And it's not just people who find solace in the grounds. Bees, birds, and other wildlife are known to buzz, fly, and wander through. Fort Scott's success inspired the creation of five other organic community gardens throughout the Presidio, mostly tended by residents.

The Fort Scott Organic Community Garden is located at the end of Wisser Court, behind the Kobbe Avenue neighborhood. The PresidiGo Shuttle​ stops nearby. If driving here, there's two hour parking from 1 to 8 pm. There are also bike racks just outside the grounds. There's a bathroom on site and an adjacent playground to amuse kids who might tire of the gardens before you do.

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