Crissy Field

With its breathtaking San Francisco Bay views, easy hiking, welcoming beaches and picnic areas, and wild open spaces, Crissy Field is a recreational paradise that has long been discovered by locals. The site has a rich history – first as a home for the Native Ohlone, then as an Army airfield, and later as busy industrial area for the military.


When the post became a national park, the restoration of Crissy Field  - led by the National Park Service and Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy - was the first major transformation. Today, nature lovers flock to Crissy Marsh, a birdwatching hot-spot. Locals and visitors alike run, stroll, and cycle along the Bay Trail to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. And the former airplane hangars and warehouses are home to recreational uses from a rock climbing gym to a trampoline house. History buffs are served up a fascinating story from the past at the Military Intelligence Service Historic Learning Center.


Crissy Field's 100 acres are bookended by two stunning picnic destinations, West Bluff. Enjoyed by millions every year, the northern waterfront is the park's "front door," a threshold you will want to cross time and again. Parking is limited, but don't worry – the area is well served by the Presidio GO Shut​tle and is best enjoyed on your feet.