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The China Brotsky Gallery is located in a long windowed corridor within a former Army hospital complex, today known as the Thoreau Center for Sustainability. A hallway might seem​ like a strange place for an art gallery, but it's actually the perf​ect setting for this unique space dedicated to environmentally-themed works.

The China Brotsky Gallery is one of two galleries located inside the Thoreau Center, a 12-building complex that provides affordable work spaces for non-profits. Operated by the Tides Foundation, it is dedicated to social, cultural, and environmental sustainability. Converting a hallway into a useable and beautiful space is an example of Tides' vision for adaptive reuse and breaking down barriers between what's thought of as a place to pass through and a place for community to convene. The gallery is named for China Brotsky, a director at Tides and a key leader in the national shared spaces movement.

Exhibitions at the China Brotsky Gallery are free. Visiting hours are weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm. Paid parking is available in a lot on Edie Road between Girard Road and General Kennedy Avenue, and the PresidiGo Shuttle​ stops nearby.

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