Past Special Exhibition - Presidio Nature Lab


Exhibition runs April 21, 2016 to March 12, 2017

How does our exploration of the natural world help us understand our place in it? Share your thoughts and experiences in this family-friendly exhibition focused on the Presidio's ever-changing landscape. Delight your senses, engage your imagination, and spark your curiosity as you test new tools designed to deepen your exploration of the park's natural heritage!​

Visit Presidio Nature Lab and then explore the park!

The Presidio Nature Lab is a great jumping off point for enjoying a day in the park. Start your Presidio visit by learning about the park's wild open spaces in the Nature Lab, and then head out to see them for yourself. Nature hotspots like El Polín Spring, Tennessee Hollow Watershed, and Mountain Lake are a short hike away.

See our Nature and Science page for a complete listing of places where you can experience nature in the Presidio.​

About Special Exhibitions at the Presidio Officers' Club

Presidio Nature Lab is the latest special exhibition at the Presidio Officers' Club, a cultural institution showcasing the Presidio's role in shaping and serving California and the nation. Special exhibitions explore the Presidio's heritage and allow for fresh perspectives and a deeper exploration of the topics and themes presented in the permanent exhibition​.