The Presidio Officers' Club is the park's museum and cultural center. It is free and open to all.

Long before there was the city of San Francisco, there was the Presidio of San Francisco. First established in 1776, the adobe walls of the Officers' Club stand testament to California's beginnings.

Evolution of the Presid​io Officers' Club​

Throughout the 20th century, the renowned Pres​idio Officers' Club was an exclusive gathering place for Army brass and their families. In 2014, the club reopened as a fully public museum and cultural destination following a three-year award-winning renovation.

Presidio Officers' Club Today

Since then, thousands of people have experienced the club's permanent and special exhibitions, which tell the story of how people shaped the land at the Golden Gate and how events here have influenced the nation; attended a free musical performance, talk, or dance; or brought the family out to make crafts or witness a live archaeology dig.

The Presidio Officers' Club has also be​come a lively gathering place where friends meet. Arguello​, a Mexican restaurant by Bay Area Chef Traci Des Jardins, has one of the most sought after patios in San Francisco, and the Ortega Ballroom, with its bay views, is a hot spot for celebrations.

The ongoing relevance of the Presidio Officers' Club has also been experienced by thousands of students who have visited on field trips, better understanding the world they live in today by exploring the Presidio's fascinating history.

Whether you have an hour or an afternoon, place the Presidio Officers' Club at the top of your itinerary.