Rob Hill Facilities and Amenities

Rob Hill is open to the public for camping generally between April 1 and October 31 each year.

Rob Hill has four group campsites. There is no minimum group size requirement for public reservations, but the campsite fee will not be prorated for smaller groups.

Rob Hill does not have a campground host or full-time on-site staff. Presidio Trust staff and janitorial staff check on the campground frequently.

Check in: 12:00 pm

Check out: 11:00 am

Quiet Hours: 10 pm to 6 am every day

Each campsite contains:

  • A fire ring: Wood is not available for sale in the campground, and the collection of live, downed or dead wood is prohibited in the Presidio. You will need to bring your own firewood if you wish to have a campfire. Do not leave campfires unattended. Extinguish campfires completely with water using the buckets provided at the water faucets. Please return water buckets after use.
  • A free-standing charcoal BBQ grill: You must bring your own charcoal and grilling supplies.
  • Food storage lockers: There are 2 food storage lockers in each site. Store all items with a scent, including ALL food and toiletries, in the lockers provided. Please ensure the lockers are closed and latched when not in use. Proper food storage helps protect park wildlife, including our resident coyotes.
  • 4 picnic tables

The following resources are shared by all campsites:

  • Water: Potable water is available at the water faucets on the east and west sides of the campground, between the entrances to the campsites. There is also a drinking fountain on the outside of the bathroom building.
  • Restrooms: Rob Hill has indoor toilets with running water, but no showers. The restrooms are ADA accessible. The restrooms are shared by all campers at Rob Hill, but are not available to groups without reservations. The restroom lock combination will be included with the confirmation of your camping permit.
  • Scullery: Please use scullery room for dishwashing, please do not wash dishes in the restroom sinks. There is a compost bin in the scullery for the disposal of food matter and organic waste. Dish soap and cleaning utensils are not provided.
  • Bike racks: There are bike racks located on either side of the bathroom building. Please bring your own bike lock.
  • Refuse receptacles: There are landfill, recycling, and organics/compost bins on the east and west sides of the campground. Campers at Rob Hill can help the Presidio’s goal of becoming a Zero Waste park by separating their compostable items, recyclable items, and landfill waste into the appropriate bins provided at the campground. Learn more about which items go where on the Recology website. Campers are responsible for disposing of their trash and leaving their campsites in good condition after use.
  • Emergency Call Box: An emergency phone is located in the campground to the west of the bathrooms. This phone directly dials U.S. Park Police dispatch.

Parking: Four parking permits per campsite are included with your reservation. These permits will allow up to four vehicles per campsite to park in the campground parking lot on Central Magazine Rd. Additional vehicles will need to park offsite, the nearest parking lots are approximately a 5 minute walk away. Information about overflow parking locations will be included with your permit.

For additional information about getting around the Presidio or taking public transit please visit our Transportation page.

Only authorized staff and maintenance vehicles are allowed in the campground. There is no public vehicle access into the campground.

Accessibility: There are four ADA parking spaces in the campground parking lot on Central Magazine Rd. ADA access to the campground is available via a paved path leading from the ADA parking spaces into the campground. The path is approximately 200ft long and is wheelchair accessible. Two of the campsites (Ishmen and Yunahia) have a raised pad in the campsite that can be used for tents for wheelchair users.


  • The upper Fire Circle is reserved for Crissy Field Center youth programs. It may be available for public use on a case-by-case basis. Please inquire at after you have made your reservation.
  • The Great Room is not available for public use. The Great Room is reserved only for education programs sponsored by the Presidio Trust, Golden Gate Parks Conservancy, and National Park Service. Please do not disturb the groups using these spaces.