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Making a Reservation


Rob Hill Campground is closed for the 2020 camping season. Rob Hill is typically open for camping from April 1 through October 31 every year. We are not yet accepting reservations for the 2021 camping season, and we have not yet decided on a date for the 2021 campground lottery. Updates about the 2021 camping season will be posted on this site when more information is available.

Camping group sizes will be limited to a maximum of 8 people from the same household per campsite (see updated Terms and Conditions).

We will only accept reservations for dates between April 1, 2020 and October 31, 2020. Applications with dates outside of this window will be discarded. Reservations must include at least one night of camping. Applications that appear to be for less than one night of camping (either the check-out date is left blank, or the check-in and check-out dates match) will be discarded.

There is no cost to apply for a campsite permit, but when/if an applicant is approved for a campsite(s) on their requested date(s) they will be responsible for paying the full campground fee for their site(s) within 72 hoursof being notified in order to confirm the reservation. Payment instructions and an invoice will be sent to the approved applicants via email. Please provide an email address on your application that you check on a regular basis.

Costs of Camping

The cost to camp at Rob Hill Campground is $125 per site, per night during peak times, and $80 per site, per night during off-peak nights. Please reference the Available Dates and Campsite Fees document for questions regarding specific dates. Active duty and retired military personnel are eligible for a discount of $75 per site, per night. Proof of service must be submitted along with your application.

Permit holders who wish to change the dates of their reservation may incur a fee of $25 per campsite. Permit holders who wish to transfer their reservation to a different permit holder will incur a fee of $20. Please reference the Available Dates and Campsite Fees document for more information.

All campground fees are nonrefundable.

Frequently Asked Questions Document

For additional information and questions about the reservation process, please read our Rob Hill Lottery F​requently Asked Questions​.