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The Presidio Trust and the United States Office of Personnel Management Announce Leadership Development Partnership

The United States Office of Personnel Management will partner with the Presidio Institute to deliver important work in cross sector leadership

The Presidio Institute, an initiative of the Presidio Trust, today announced an expanded partnership with the United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM) for the purpose of creating leadership development opportunities that encourage cross sector collaborations and innovative problem solving for federal workers.

The Presidio Trust and OPM will convene thought leaders at the Presidio Institute to explore the future of talent in the federal workforce, the flow of talent from private to public sectors, trends in leadership from east to west coast, and how to create scalable solutions to complex public problems.

"The Presidio Trust – itself a model of a successful cross sector collaboration – is a natural partner for this exploration of operational excellence within the national workforce," said Beth Cobert, Acting Director of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.  "We've had wonderful past experiences partnering with the Presidio Institute on leadership program development, and are excited by this opportunity to bring more structure and depth to our work together."

In addition to convening thought leaders, the Presidio Institute and OPM will partner to create executive development curricula, as well as explore the possibility of creating a comprehensive cross sector fellowship program that would, if realized, provide executives from public, private, and non-profit institutions the opportunity to engage in multi-disciplinary learning.  Fellowship programs will include the Presidio institute's flagship three-week course and could include OPM project-based exchange programs that bring public sector executives into private sector institutions to build relationships and learn skills to solve complex leadership challenges.

"The Presidio Institute has long been the North Star for our nation's rapidly-growing cross sector movement," said David B. Smith, the Presidio Institute Managing Director. "Conversations across business, non-profit, and government sectors intended to maximize the potential of our nation's workforce is a natural fit. We're excited by the OPM partnership and for the opportunity to impact our nation's workforce in a very positive way."

To kick off the partnership, a Roundtable on the Future of Talent in Government that included dozens of multi-sector thought leaders convened at Presidio Institute on Tuesday, March 1, 2016.​

About the Presidio Institute

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About the U.S. Office of Personnel Management

OPM’s mission is to recruit, retain and honor a world-class workforce to serve the American people. OPM supports U.S. departments and agencies with personnel services and policy leadership including staffing tools, guidance on labor-management relations and programs to improve work force performance. ​To learn more, visit