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Presidio Institute Staff Recommendations / Reads / Resources for Spring

Friday, Mar 18, 2016 Category Education

There's a universe of fine thinking and good ideas out there; in every issue of Reveille we'll share with you the best of what our staff is reading now.

Alison Gold - Presidio InstituteAlison Gold, Manager of Leadership Education

Leading Change through Adaptive Design (Article)

I'm really excited about Leading Change through Adaptive Design, an article that appeared in the Stanford Social Innovation Review. Maya Bernstein and Marty Linsky raise thoughtful insights on the strengths and weaknesses of adaptive leadership and human-centered design as they stand alone, but explain how integrating the two methodologies into a single approach can have compelling and profound results.

Reply All Episode 52: Raising the Bar (Podcast)

(story starts at 12:04)

I have a long commute each day, so I tune into a wide array of podcasts. One that has really stuck with me is Reply All's recent episode, Raising the Bar, that explores the lack of diversity in the technology industry through the story of Leslie Miley, Twitter's lone African-American engineer.​

David Styers - Presidio InstituteDavid Styers, Manager of Programs and Business Development

I really liked learning about the Drucker Archives

Although it has now been a decade since his passing, Peter Drucker's words are still very timely and relevant on how humans are organized across the business, government, and nonprofit sectors of society and how innovation is essential for success. 


Bob Menezes - Presidio InstituteBob Menezes, Presidio Institute Communications

Managing Complex Change At-A-Glance

Planning to attempt change management without resources?  Be prepared for frustration.  I've never found a better at-a-glance summary than Knoster's model for managing complex change.  An oldie, but a goody with a permanent home on my office wall.