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Cross Sector Leadership Boot Camp

Monday, Dec 19, 2016 Category Education

​Presidio Leadership Program Feature

Cross Sector Leadership Boot Camp

Even the noblest pursuit of positive social change needs some motivation now and then. Cross Sector Leadership Boot Camp is the “Drop-and-give-me-20!” of all leadership experiences, definitely not for the passive learner, but for those who want to come away stronger, smarter, and bolder.

This immersive 3-day experience focuses on building teams, solving problems, and achieving impact. We develop leaders who can engage and collaborate across corporate, government, and non-profit sectors to facilitate collaborations and achieve shared objectives to address society's most critical issues. 

Participants walk away from the Boot Camp with:

  • An understanding of what cross sector leadership means and the difference and nuances of the sectors
  • A familiarity with the nine universal skills of cross sector leadership that will help them think differently about how they convene, fund, and participate in cross​​ sector collaborations
  • An appreciation of a collaborative approach to leadership and methodologies for how to build partnerships