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Attract, Train, and Retain Staff – OH MY!

Monday, Dec 19, 2016 Category Education

​Attract, Train, and Retain Staff – OH MY!
by Nonprofit Leadership Alliance

Although successful staff development and retention might seem as elusive to some non-profit organizations as the wizard behind the curtain, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Powered by a 70-year track record, the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance has developed an effective leadership development program that places emerging non-profit leaders on the path to career success. The Certified Nonprofit Professional (or CNP) credential has traditionally only been available to students enrolled in an Alliance-affiliated college or university. Now, thanks to a partnership with Leaderosity, it is available through a completely online and engaging educational platform.

A proven program for reducing the learning curve and assisting with staff retention, this new “Workforce Track CNP Program” consists of eight online courses (five weeks each) and several leadership development and network-building opportunities. Subsidized through grant funding, the full tuition for the program is only $2,725. Staff members at Alliance Nonprofit Workforce Partners receive an additional 20% discount.

The CNP Program is an extremely hands-on leadership development experience that provides learners with the opportunity to apply the concepts gained in the online classrooms. Students receive immediate recognition as they complete each course; they earn an e-Certificate – these digital badges demonstrate the experience and proficiency gained through course participation. All students exit the program with a portfolio that demonstrates proficiency in the 10 core competencies essential for non-profit career success.

“This program structure maintains the same rigor and applied-learning components that are hallmarks of the CNP, and make it highly effective at developing non-profit leaders,” says Susan T. Schmidt, CNP, president of the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance. “In fact, independent research conducted by LinkedIn in 2014 shows that those who earn the CNP credential are seven times more likely to rise to director or higher level than those without.”

Since 1948, the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance and its network of non-profit workforce partners and regionally-accredited colleges and universities have been working to prepare professionals for successful careers in the non-profit sector.

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