Collaborative Solutions Lab

Cross Sector Leadership + Rapid Innovation = Positive Change

COLLABORATIVE SOLUTIONS​ LAB ​is a fast-paced and highly engaging innovation experience with a focus on "learning by doing" and a bias toward action. In a matter of hours, participants create innovative solutions to internal, business or social challenges that they can start testing immediately. These solutions come with built-in buy-in from participants who take ownership as co-creators. Facilitated by expert team members from SMALLIFY, the lab practices are accessible and easy to use so that participants can reapply the practices to address future challenges. In addition to generating solutions to specific challenges, every lab fosters collaboration and provides participants with critical skills in problem definition, creative problem solving, end-user empathy, rapid prototyping, decision-making, and a mindset for innovation.

Smallify's Five Tools of Rapid Innovation

SMALLIFY's Five Tools of Rapid Innovation™

The lab provides a platform and a set o​f industry-leading tools and practices to help both organizations and cohorts of cross sector leaders address their most pressing organizational and community challenges. Human-centered design and rapid, experimental innovation are proven methods used in the Silicon Valley entrepreneurship setting, as well as the intrapreneurship culture of many large organizations, coalitions, and networks.

Walk away with results:​

  • Prototyped solutions and detailed action steps to a specific challenge
  • Strengthened relationships among key stakeholders and change catalysts
  • New innovation skills, tools and mindsets
  • Useful practices for collaborative convening

​​The collaborative problem-solving rapid innovation process of the COLLABORATIVE SOLUTIONS ​LAB helps shift the mindset of participants from constraints to possibilities, drives alignment among key stakeholders, builds collaboration and leadership skills among participants, and results in tangible ideas ready for implementation​.​​​

View a Collaborative Solutions Lab in action!

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​​​The Presidio Institute is proud to offer COLLABORATIVE SOLUTIONS LAB in partnership with SMALLIFY. SMALLIFY is an innovation capacity-building firm based in Silicon Valley, California. SMALLIFY helps organizations accelerate innovation through its Rapid Innovation Lab™, which guides participants through a set of experimental innovation practices (from insight gathering and problem finding to idea generation, prototyping, testing, evaluation, and iteration). SMALLIFY has delivered its rapid innovation labs to thousands of leaders in corporate, government, and non-profit organizations.​​​​​