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Ways to Stay Connected to the Cross Sector Leadership Movement


November 21, 2017​

As we shared in September 2017, the Presidio Institute is concluding its operations this month having achieved the primarily goals for which it was established.

As we say farewell, we thank our Presidio Trust colleagues, our inspiring advisors, our pioneering funders, our wise faculty, our visionary partners, and our incredible program participants and alumni. With your support, the Presidio Institute has convened 3,000 leaders, trained 1,600 more, and built two amazing programs that will continue to grow and thrive under new sponsorship.

There are numerous ways you can stay connected going forward:​

  • The Pepperdine School of Public Policy is the new sponsor of the Cross Sector Leadership Fellows program. The 2018 cohort will be the first offered by Pepperdine.​

  • The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance is the new sponsor of the LEADEROSITY online learning platform, which will continue to offer affordable, high-quality leadership development for emerging leaders in the social-impact sector.

  • The Presidio Trust will soon begin a public process to explore the future of the Presidio’s Fort Winfield Scott; the Trust will seek proposals through a competitive solicitation process from organizations interested in and capable of revitalizing the site as a campus addressing environmental and/or social challenges. We invite you to stay connected to the process.

  • In November 2017, the Presidio Institute offered a supplement in the Stanford Social Innovation Review which takes a close look at cross sector leaders -- how they are different from other types of leaders, the role they play in advancing social change, and why they are so important today.

  • Finally, the Presidio Institute has developed a Final Report that summarizes our work over the past several years to further Cross Sector Leadership.

In the next century, society will confront obstacles of unparalleled complexity. No government policy, however finely crafted, no technology, however innovative, no plan of action, however ambitious, will secure us a brighter future without visionary cross sector leaders. Ultimately, we must find a way to align the goals of business, government, and nonprofits to tackle community challenges. Great leaders do not lead for themselves. They serve and inspire us to join them.

Thank you for serving with us in this endeavor.

-The Presidio Institute Staff