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​​​About the Presidio Institute

The Presidio Institute was established in 2013 as an initiative of the Presidio Trust, an innovative federal agency that transformed the Presidio of San Francisco from a military post to a national park site through cross sector collaboration.

Through the Presidio Institute, businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, foundations, and academic institutions invested in their problem solvers and gained a new lens on leadership. The Presidio Institute’s unique training methodology reinvigorated organizations’ leadership culture by inspiring a collaborative mindset, imparting new skills, and bridging divides through collaboration across sectors. During its four years, the Presidio Institute convened more than 3,000 leaders and trained 1,600 problem solvers in person and online through its Presidio Institute Fellows, Cross Sector Leadership Boot Camp, and online LEADEROSITY programs.

The Presidio Institute’s work concluded in November 2017. This Final Report highlights the institute’s impact and identifies ways that others can continue catalyzing the cross sector leadership movement.

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About the Federal Advisory Council

On October 2012, the Presidio Trust formed a Federal Advisory Council (FAC) to provide ongoing advice and support in activating the vision of the National Center for Service and Innovative Leadership (NCSIL). Chaired by Toby Rosenblatt, the first Presidio Trust Board Chair, and co-chaired by Karen Baker, Chief Service Officer for Governor Jerry Brown, the council encouraged a focus on leadership training, knowledge development, and building a strong network of champions through convening. In 2013, NCSIL became the Presidio Institute.

In March 2017, the FAC met for the last time. In November 2017 the Presidio Institute ceased its operations having achieved its primary goals. Please view the right sidebar for Presidio Institute and advisory council public documents.