In late 2010, the Presidio Trust worked to align the Presidio’s historical roots with the vision of developing a national park for the 21st century. It found the physical appeal of the campus at Fort Winfield Scott, its metropolitan location, and its proximity to Silicon Valley, all positives for the development of Fort Scott into a place for exploring community service and driving innovations in leadership.


In October 2012, the Presidio Trust formed a Federal Advisory Council (FAC) to provide ongoing advice and support in activating the vision of the National Center for Service and Innovative Leadership (NCSIL). Chaired by Toby Rosenblatt, the first Presidio Trust Board Chair, and Co-chaired by Karen Baker, Chief Service Officer for Governor Jerry Brown, the council encouraged a focus on leadership training, knowledge development, and building a strong network of champions through convening. The FAC consulted on the development of proof-of-concept leadership programs, and supported the growth of the network, mission-aligned tenants and convening programs.


In 2013, NCSIL became the Presidio Institute—a division within the Presidio Trust dedicated to leadership education, convening, and service. From 2014 to 2016, the Presidio Institute convened over 3,000 leaders, trained 1600 problem solvers (300 in-person and 1,300 online), raised over $3 million from philanthropic support, and earned an additional $1 million in program fees.

In March 2017, the FAC met for the last time, as the Presidio Institute because a key component of the Presidio Trust programs division. It continues to convene social innovators, and offers leadership development programs at the Fort Scott campus.