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The videos/images in this gallery are made available to promote greater understanding of the Fort Winfield Scott project site and to support print and online communications regarding the project. Any other use requires prior written permission from the Presidio Trust. If you have questions regarding the use or distribution of these materials, please contact us at Members of the press should contact for questions and additional images.​





Building 1202 InteriorBuilding 1202 Interior 1202 InteriorPresent
Fort Winfield Scott with City SkylineFort Winfield Scott with City Skyline Winfield Scott with City SkylinePresent
Fort Winfield ScottFort Winfield Scott Winfield ScottPresent
Fort Scott and Golden Gate BridgeFort Scott and Golden Gate Bridge Scott and Golden Gate BridgePresent
Coastal Bluffs and Fort ScottCoastal Bluffs and Fort Scott Bluffs and Fort ScottPresent
Fort Scott LibraryFort Scott Library Scott LibraryHistorical
Plotting Room SectionPlotting Room Section Room SectionHistorical
Assembly AwardAssembly Award AwardHistorical
Battery Kitchen "B"Battery Kitchen "B" Kitchen "B"Historical
Day Room in Battery "B"Day Room in Battery "B" Room in Battery "B"Historical
Army Band at Fort Winfield Scott, PresidioArmy Band at Fort Winfield Scott, Presidio Band at Fort Winfield Scott, PresidioHistorical
Filming Service with the ColorsFilming Service with the Colors Service with the ColorsHistorical
Fort Winfield Scott PanoramicFort Winfield Scott Panoramic Winfield Scott PanoramicPresent
Fort Winfield Scott Parade GroundFort Winfield Scott Parade Ground Winfield Scott Parade GroundPresent
Fort Winfield Scott CampusFort Winfield Scott Campus Winfield Scott CampusPresent