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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This page was last updated June 12, 2018.

What is the Presidio of San Francisco?

Once a U.S. Army military post, the 1,491-acre Presidio of San Francisco is a National Historic Landmark District and in 1994 became a national park at the center of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) in Northern California. The 82,000-acre GGNRA is one of the largest national parks in an urban area in the world.

Over the past two decades, the Presidio Trust, the National Park Service (NPS), and non-profit Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy (Conservancy) have led ​the Presidio’s “post to park” transformation. Today, the Presidio is home to 3,000 residents and 200 innovative organizations. The park also welcomes five million visitors each year. Visitors can hike on a 24-mile trail network, enjoy museums, art, and cultural attractions, engage with history, and explore the Presidio’s beautiful open spaces, views, and natural areas.

What is the Presidio Trust?

Working with the National Park Service and the non-profit Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, and at no cost to taxpayers, the Presidio Trust brings alive the unique historic, natural, and recreational assets of the Presidio for the inspiration, education, health, and enjoyment of all people.

The Presidio Trust is an unusual federal agency. In our founding legislation, the Presidio Trust was charged with operating without taxpayer support. Funds earned primarily through leasing are used for park management and capital improvements. The Presidio Trust manages 80 percent of Presidio lands, including most of the six million square feet of building space, including the Fort Winfield Scott campus. The National Park Service manages the Presidio’s coastal areas.

The Presidio Trust is pursuing three goals to ensure that the Presidio will be preserved for the enjoyment of all people for generations to come:

  • The Presidio will be visited and loved by all.
  • The Presidio Trust will be a model of environmental stewardship.
  • The Presidio Trust will be a model of operational excellence and financial sustainability.

Where is Fort Winfield Scott? Why was it built and why is it important?

Fort Winfield Scott is located within the Presidio of San Francisco along the park’s Pacific coast just a short walk from the Golden Gate Bridge. The campus is nestled within the eucalyptus and cypress trees of the Presidio’s historic forest.

Fort Winfield Scott, named for the most prominent U.S. Army officer of the 19th century, was initially established as an independent post for the Coast Artillery Corps. While located within the Presidio Army post, Fort Scott functioned separately with its own commander until after World War II. Over the course of half a century, it served as headquarters for the defense of the Bay Area’s coastline, from the era of breech loaded, rifled guns to Nike missiles.

Constructed between 1909 and 1912, Fort Scott features the earliest example of the Mission Revival architectural style at the Presidio. This style ultimately set the precedent for white buildings with red roofs that is now typical of most Presidio buildings.

What is the Presidio Trust’s vision for Fort Winfield Scott?

The rehabilitation of Fort Winfield Scott is the latest chapter in the Presidio’s ongoing transformation which has already revitalized Crissy Field, the Main Post, and most other parts of the national park.

We believe that the iconic and historic Fort Winfield Scott campus should be a place of public service where 21st century environmental and/or social challenges are addressed. This is in keeping with the long-standing belief of park managers and the public that this campus has special potential for achieving public good given its dramatic setting and legacy of service.

What is the Presidio Trust’s approach for revitalizing the Fort Winfield Scott campus?

In January 2018, we’re beginning a two-step process that we believe has the best chance of achieving the environmental/social vision and revitalizing this important site.

In Step 1, we are issuing a ​Request for Concept Proposals seeking to identify one or more mission-driven organizations to transform Fort Winfield Scott into a campus to address the significant environmental and/or social issues of our time. We are seeking high-level concepts from qualified organizations – those with sufficient funds, experience, and interest in taking on Fort Winfield Scott for this special purpose.

Should this process identify qualified respondents, we intend to invite those organizations to participate in Step 2 – by submitting a full Request for Proposals (RFP) process. The Presidio Trust would then select a finalist and enter into negotiations for a long-term master development agreement.

What is included in the Request for Concept Proposals?

The Request for Concept Proposals (RFCP)​ for Fort Winfield Scott includes 20-22 buildings totaling a range of approximately 280,000 to 295,000 square feet of space. View the Request for Concept Proposals for complete details about the offering.

What are the challenges of revitalizing the Fort Winfield Scott campus?

Fort Winfield Scott’s historic buildings, landscapes, and infrastructure require a significant investment, estimated in the range of $200 million. Given that this is public land – both a national park and a National Historic Landmark – revitalization must be careful to preserve the historic and natural elements of the campus. The buildings in the RFCP are “certified historic structures” and the project may be eligible under the current Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentives program. Accordingly, there may be an opportunity to earn a federal income tax credit of up to 20 percent of qualifying expenses taken ratably over five years.

Who is invited to participate in the Request for Concept Proposals? (updated 2/1/2018)

Over the next several months we hope to engage with non-profits, companies, foundations, and manyothers; we’re eager to talk with a wide range of groups.

The Presidio Trust welcomes concept proposals from organizations, individually or in a joint venture/ partnership. Proposers must have the financial and management capacity to finance and oversee the rehabilitation of the campus and then operate the buildings under a long-term lease with the Presidio Trust. Proposals from governmental entities or foreign organizations will not be considered; however, proposals from domestic academic institutions will be considered. 

​What are your project objectives?

In addition to the overarching goal of establishing Fort Winfield Scott as a campus for one or more mission-driven organizations focused on addressing the significant environmental and/or social challenges of our time, we have the following objectives for the Fort Winfield Scott campus:

  • Rehabilitate Historic Resources – The historic buildings and landscapes at Fort Winfield Scott that contribute to the National Historic Landmark District will be rehabilitated according to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties, site and design guidelines, and prevailing building codes.
  • Be a Model of Environmental Sustainability in Design, Construction, and Operation – Fort Winfield Scott will be a model of environmental sustainability in all aspects of design, construction, and operation, including transportation management emphasizing alternative modes of transportation.
  • Enhance the Public Realm – Fort Winfield Scott’s public realm will be improved to sustain and ideally enhance the biodiversity of the Presidio, and to make the Fort Winfield Scott area more accessible and inviting for visitors to the Presidio.
  • Enhance the Park by supporting the Presidio Trust’s Financial Sustainability – Fort Winfield Scott will contribute to the financial sustainability of the Presidio Trust.
  • Deliver the Improvements Expeditiously – Fort Winfield Scott will be rehabilitated expeditiously.

What role will the Presidio Trust have in operating or curating Fort Winfield Scott if a developer is selected?

As public land, the Presidio Trust will retain ownership over the buildings and site. Our intention is to select a third-party organization to fund rehabilitation of Fort Winfield Scott and implement the project. The Presidio Trust would not be a financial sponsor or a curator of the program.

How will you ensure that Fort Winfield Scott’s history is protected and interpreted?

We will require the selected developer to identify opportunities to interpret the history and significance of Fort Winfield Scott for the visiting public. For instance, the selected developer would be required to restore and make available to the public the historic murals in Building 1216 dating from the 1950s.

How can the public participate in the Fort Winfield Scott process?

We welcome your ideas and feedback. We’ll be hosting two tours (February and April) so the public can learn more about the history of the campus and our vision for the site. Should we receive qualified proposals in the RFCP phase, they will they will be made available on our website. We will also host a public meeting where project proponents can present their proposals on July 25, 2018 (details to follow).

Questions and comments are always welcomed at fortscott@presidiotrust.gov.

How will the general public be able to use and enjoy Fort Winfield Scott?

The general public will continue to be invited to use and enjoy Fort Winfield Scott, as they do today. The ball fields will be improved and will remain available for public play under the Trust’s permit system. Transit service and food service will be added to the district. We are also exploring the possibility of improving trail connections within the district.

How will you manage traffic in this already congested portion of the Presidio?

A required element of the revitalization plan is for the selected developer to construct a new transit center at Fort Winfield Scott for use by tenants and the public. The new transit center would offer connections to MUNI, the PresidiGo Shuttle, and ride share. As with other tenants in the Presidio, the developer would be required to submit a Transportation Demand Management plan.

​Questions Added March 7, 2018

Will the Presidio Trust provide a more detailed breakdown of development/construction costs?

By way of example only, the Presidio Trust prepared an estimate suggesting that the rehabilitation of the Fort Winfield Scott campus is in the $200 million range. Respondents must develop their own cost estimates specific to their proposal. The Presidio Trust’s estimate assumes completion of all of the required and optional elements described in the Request for Concept Proposals. The estimate represents an “all in” development cost assumption inclusive of soft costs, hard costs, tenant improvements, and contingency. It does not include financing costs. The estimate was developed based on actual costs incurred on comparable projects within the Presidio (escalated to 2016 dollars) as well as third party cost estimates for specific scopes of work.

Will the Presidio Trust provide information on current commercial rents?

Over the past twelve months the Presidio Trust has executed new or renewing direct leases for finished commercial space within the Presidio (for office, educational, health and wellness uses) with an average annual rate of $57/RSF net, not including tenant subleases. The leases executed over this period range from $38 to $105/RSF net. The rental rate does not include utilities, janitorial, maintenance, or Service District Charge (“SDC”) that is paid by the tenant. SDC is currently $5.21/RSF per year.

Are there architects/engineers/contractors you’ve worked with that you would recommend?

The Presidio Trust requires architects, engineers, and contractors working on projects in the Presidio to have a valid license from the State of California. We will not make specific recommendations for consultants and/or contractors.

Can you provide information about prior stabilization work?

Between 2008 and 2010, 21 buildings (1201-08; 1213-14; 1216-21; 1224-27; and 1331) included in the Request for Concept Proposals at Fort Winfield Scott were stabilized against additional deterioration. This work varied by building, but the totality included: patching roof leaks; replacing missing/rusted gutters and downspouts; securing windows and doors; scraping peeling paint and repainting exterior facades; removing vegetation incursion, pests, and wildlife from buildings; and some exterior concrete repairs.

Does the Presidio Trust require the use of prevailing wage for construction work?

Contractors must comply with “prevailing wage” rate laws including, but not limited to, the provisions of 40 U.S.C. §§ 276a et. seq. (the Davis-Bacon Act), successor statutes, and related regulations, wage schedules, and executive orders (e.g., Executive Order 13658: Minimum Wage for Contractors).

​Question Added March 20, 2018

Since the Service District Charge (SDC) is subject to annual revision, is there guidance on the potential future amounts? Would you provide the recent years’ SDC?

The Service District Charge (SDC) covers expenses borne by the Presidio Trust for providing shared services including public safety; insurance; and, utilities, maintenance and depreciation from common area capital assets. All areas under the administrative jurisdiction of the Presidio Trust are covered by the SDC, including Fort Winfield Scott. SDC expenses are allocated on a square footage basis and include all buildings, occupied and unoccupied, within the Presidio Trust’s jurisdiction.

The SDC will be payable monthly upon delivery of the site. SDC is estimated for Fiscal Year 2018 at $5.21 per rentable square foot per year and is subject to periodic adjustment at the sole discretion of the Presidio Trust.

Rates for fiscal years 2012 through 2017 are shown on the chart below for purposes of historic information only:







Rate Per Rentable SF







1 The rate for fiscal year 2017 has not yet been reconciled; this is an estimated rate.  ​​

​Questions Added March 27, 2018

Will the Presidio Trust facilitate introductions to qualified respondents who may express an interest in joining a consortium?

In response to requests received, we’ve created a new Collaborative Opportunities page on our website. This page is a resource allowing organizations interested in collaborating on a response to the Request for Concept Proposals, or who would like to be a future tenant at Fort Winfield Scott, to connect with each other. Please visit the page to learn how your organization can be included.

In calculating gross rent on the Fort Winfield Scott site, could you advise whether property taxes would be charged and at what rate, or is the site exempt from these given that it is public land?

The Presidio Trust cannot provide tax guidance. Respondents are encouraged to engage appropriate counsel regarding tax implications. The Presidio is federal jurisdiction and there are no property taxes. The Presidio Trust does charge Service District Charge, which is described on page 24 of the RFCP and covered in more detail in this Frequently Asked Questions section.

On page 24 of the RFCP, you note Fair Market rent with consideration for tenant-funded rehabilitation costs. Do you envision that the Presidio Trust would charge rent on top of what the developer requires for capital recovery?

At the RFCP phase, the Presidio Trust is identifying concepts that meet the project goal to create a campus of one or more mission driven organizations focused on addressing the significant environmental and/or social issues of our time and that have sponsors with the resources/experience necessary to take on a transformation of this scale. Given that: (1) we do not know how respondents plan to meet the mission-driven campus requirement or, (2) which of the allowable land uses will be included in those proposals, we cannot say with certainty whether or not there will be rent after capital recovery. One of the stated goals of the RFCP is to “Enhance the Park by supporting the Presidio Trust’s financial sustainability.” In other instances where the Trust has worked with a master developer for a project of significant size, we have entered into arrangements where rent was required after capital recovery.

What are the electrical loads for the campus’ currently occupied Buildings 1201 and 1202 by kWh/month?

The average for the last 12 month period:
Building 1201 = 4,045 (KwH)
Building 1202 = 6,225 (KwH)

How does the Presidio currently handle biomass waste from the forest grounds? Do you incinerate it, bury it, ship it to a handler, or other option and do you have any idea as to the tons of biomass per year that is in need of removal?

The Presidio Trust Forestry team handles waste in a combination of ways. Green waste goes into the Trust’s composting program. The small material that can’t be composted is chipped and used in the Presidio’s landscapes. Some timber is felled and used whole or made into benches or other wood products and then used in the Presidio. Occasionally, excess biomass is sold for fuel creation. The amounts of each vary by year.

Can the submitting organization be an unincorporated consortium through Step 1 – Request for Concept Proposals, Step 2 – Request for Proposals, and Step 3 – Letter of Intent, and incorporate upon reaching agreement on the terms of a lease and development agreement?

Per the submittal requirements detailed on page 25 of the RFCP, we are now only asking respondents to identify the legal structure and date established, if applicable. At the RFP stage, more information will be required. Part of this process is to understand a proposer’s financial capability to complete the project which is difficult to do without understanding the legal structure of an entity.

If a respondent is planning to promote membership in and submit a concept proposal as a consortium, does the Presidio Trust have specific disclaimers that can be published for disclosure requirements?

Please refer to Appendix B: Use and Disclosure of Information. All proposals are subject to the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 5 U.S.C. 552. If there are specific questions related to the FOIA procedures and related policies, please note the contact information in Appendix B for the Presidio Trust’s FOIA Officer.

Are there limitations on housing density and the term of lodging by categories of residency, (i.e. students, faculty, and guest speakers)?

Not at this time; however, if there is housing or lodging proposed, it should be in support of the campus mission and not the primary land use.

Has the Presidio Trust conducted preliminary engineering studies and/or assessments on which to estimate the cost of utility infrastructure improvements required for use in the preparation of a concept proposal?

No, we have not. The information on page 19 of the RFCP is to be used for this stage of the process.

Will off-site renewable energy be considered as a part of a proposal?

Proposed improvements should stay within the boundary of the Fort Winfield Scott site. Purchase of off-site renewable energy credits is acceptable. Please consult the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation and Illustrated Guidelines on Sustainability for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings – there is a link to the document on page 19 of the RFCP.

Has the Presidio Trust developed any design concepts for the required new entry at Lincoln Boulevard into Fort Winfield Scott, including the construction of a new building (approximately 1,000 to 1,500 square feet) for a transit center with specific public restroom requirements?

View the Fort Scott Site & Landscape Improvement Strategy 2013 (page 16 has a conceptual sketch of the desired improvements). Specific public restroom requirements will be developed in Step 2 – Request for Proposals.

Does the Presidio Trust have a summary of requirements for the temporary or permanent relocation of the United States Park Police (USPP), including the identification of optional existing buildings for rehabilitation or locations for new construction, infrastructure, etc.?

Detailed requirements for the USPP will be developed as part of the Request for Proposals. However, we believe the footprint will be significantly reduced from the current occupied square footage. If the proposal includes relocating the United States Park Police out of the Fort Winfield Scott campus, the Presidio Trust has identified the Cavalry Stables on McDowell Avenue as preferred potential location for the USPP.

Does the Presidio Trust have formatting requirements and/or a style guide for the RFCP documents (e.g., font type, size, sections, margins)?

No, we do not. The only proposal submittal requirements are noted on pages 25-26 of the RFCP.


​Questions Added April 2, 2018

How can the Fort Winfield Scott parade ground be used? What has to remain? How much flexibility does a respondent have for the use and the landscape type?

The Fort Winfield Scott parade ground is a historic and cultural resource of the district. The horseshoe configuration, grading, and uniform landscape are character defining features and must be maintained. Please refer to the Fort Scott Cultural Landscape Assessment. The parade ground was created as the district’s main gathering space and was used over the years for drills, ceremonies, exercises, informal games, etc. Currently, people use the parade ground in a variety of informal ways, and the Presidio Trust issues permits for intermittent large gatherings.

Could the defunct basketball court be repaired, expanded, or removed?

The current public realm plans (see pages 16 and 17 in the RFCP) expand the historic ballfields into the defunct basketball court area. This ballfield expansion would allow for the two baseball diamonds to be farther apart, allowing for increased play. It would also allow for the soccer/lacrosse field to be wholly outside of the baseball infield and have larger sideline areas.

Can we consider ways to bring in more light to the buildings, such as skylights?

Rehabilitated Building 1202 provides a model for how the Presidio Trust would prefer the remaining nine identical enlisted men’s barracks be treated. For example, at Building 1202 no windows were added to the building. However four skylights were added to provide light into the third floor, set into the side of the roof not visible from the parade ground/primary façade. All buildings must be rehabilitated according to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties and the Design Guidelines detailed in Appendix A of the RFCP. Typically, changes to the character of primary facades are not allowed.

May respondents consider other options for food service other than Building 1208?

Food service should be located near the northern end of the campus. The RFCP identified Building 1208 as a potential location, but the Presidio Trust is willing to consider other locations at the northern end of Fort Winfield Scott.

What is the maximum height for the new development site?

Maximum building height should be between 30 feet to 45 feet. See page 32 of the RFCP for Presidio Trust Management Plan Planning Principles for Buildings and Structures.

What’s the timetable for the Request for Proposals (RFP) Phase?

Should the Presidio Trust Board of Directors decide to enter into Step 2 – the Request for Proposals phase, we anticipate issuing the RFP approximately 45 days after that decision is made. We ​anticipate that responses to the Request for Proposals would be due four to six months following release of the Request for Proposals.

What’s the minimum number of Request for Concept Proposal respondents required for the Request for Proposal process to move forward?

The Presidio Trust has not determined a minimum. The Presidio Trust board will determine which respondents, if any, are invited to participate in Step 2 – Request for Proposals.

Can teams partner up for the RFP process after board approval to proceed?

Decisions to partner on a proposal at any time will be at the discretion of the individual teams involved. Please, note, however, that the Trust will consider financial and business wherewithal to handle a project of this magnitude as part of evaluating which of the concept proposals, if any, to invite to participate in Step 2 – Request for Proposals round.

​Question Added June 12​, 2018

Will the Trust provide high resolution files for the photos on the website?

Yes, a link to download high resolution files has been added to the Photos and Video tab.