Presidio Flexible Spaces


New Program for Flexible Use of Outdoor Spaces for Presidio Businesses

To support the recovery process, the Presidio Trust has created more flexible options for Presidio tenants to use outdoor spaces in the park to support their businesses.

Presidio tenants may now apply for a Special Use Permit to use nearby open spaces for activities that are allowed under the City and County of San Francisco phased reopening plan.

Businesses must manage safety and accessibility requirements according to San Francisco public health requirements, including ensuring a clear path for pedestrians and adhering to social distancing policies.

Examples of activities that could require a permit (fees and conditions may apply):

  • Outdoor dining outside of leased area
  • Outdoor retail sales
  • Outdoor fitness and/or educational classes
  • Summer camps
  • Parking
  • School graduations or other events
  • Exclusive use of open spaces

How to Participate

To learn more about terms and conditions and to apply for a Special Use Permit, please reach out to the Presidio WorkSpaces Office at (415) 561-2449 or