Taste of Mexico at Arguello

Thursday, Feb 28, 05:00 PM - 09:00 PM At Arguello Restaurant Offered by:

Presidio Trust

Taste of Mexico is a monthly special menu series that highlights the classic dishes and cooking techniques from a different Mexican state each month. This month, join Chef de Cuisine Jose Alvarez as he explores the cuisine of Veracruz, which is characterized by the dramatic terrain of the state, from the produce native to the mountainous highlands, to the tropical seafood harvested from its over 400 miles of coastline. Menus run all month long, so come join us before the month is out to try some of our favorite dishes from around the state of Veracruz.

Flavors of Veracruz

cactus, refried beans, cilantro queso fresco, pickled red onion, red salsa

snapper, citrus, avocado, red onion cilantro, chipotle aioli, plantain chips

pescado a la veracruzana
snapper, green olives, capers, orgullo tequila, fresno peppers, cilantro rice

carne de res en acuyo
short ribs, corn, cassava, hoja santa, chochoyotes, cilantro rice

puebla gimlet
mezcal de puebla, passion fruit, lime juice

jalapa's coffee, served warm
añejo tequila de tamaulipas, coffee liqueur, coffee, cinnamon, vanilla ice cream​